You Can Stop Now, We Have A Winner.

And the winner of doing the most buck fuck crazy fucking shit I ever heard of ,is the nice lady from Florida who went out and got a new tattoo.


On her asshole.


I’m serious as a fucking heart attack, some dumb fucking stripper chick had her butthole tattood.

(Link has slightly NSFW video and a picture with the same rating, her expression is priceless.)

Can you imagine? I do believe I have seen it all now.


Makes me wonder if it is tax deductible as a work related expense, that could be a riot explaining that one.


I really want to know what the thought process was here.


Just how does one just wake up one day and all of a sudden out of the blue decide to go pay some guy to take an electricified needle and some ink and literally let him tear you a brand new asshole?


If you have ever gotten a tattoo, you KNOW what the fuck I am talking about.


People think that needle goes in and out like a fucking sewing machine, nice and simple, in ,out, repeat.

Yeah baby, at a bazillion God Damn miles an hour, they literally tear your flesh and pour ink into the trench.


Jayzus Christ, if you thought the occasional hemmorhoid flare up was bad, this would be like having your asshole sandpapered with 80 grit and then smeared with kerosene!


Then, just imagine this, Hey!, I got a new tattoo, wanna see it?



Holy fuck, I thought Tramp Stamps were fucking hideous and I have even  heard of getting your asshole bleached too.

I thought that was about the craziest fucking thing I had ever heard of but this tops that by a large margin of crazy.

Like exponential leaps and bounds.


The article doesn’t say what she had put on there but I am wondering just what could possibly be considered a tasteful image when the part of the anatomy we are talking about is the business end of a waste management system.


Maybe it says Exit Only or Speed Bump.

Then again, because she is in the adult entertainment industry, it just might say, “Swipe Card Here”.

Your guess is as good as mine.




Link provided by some sick  bastard at FARK.

4 thoughts on “You Can Stop Now, We Have A Winner.

  1. Yeah, the very idea of asshole bleaching was more than my medieval little mind could contain. I have several tatts….none on my asshole. And I am keeping it that way.

    What I want to know? Is how she keeps from taking a shit while the damn thing heals for a week? Can you say infection? And when the itchy stage starts….whoa, mama!

  2. Wow . . . and wow . . . and ouch.

    So, since she’s a stripper, does that mean this is tax deductable? It’s for her work, right?

    That would make her and Mitt the same: acouple of A** holes with tax deductions.

  3. That expression on her face makes her look like a typical American recipient of Republican austerity policies, i.e., up the asshole good and hard. Except she did this to herself. WTF?!

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