Yeah Yeah, I Know

Yeah, I know my posting has been sporadic as hell lately, that’s because I have been working my home sick ass off again lately.

Twelve hour back to back Graveyard shifts. Thank God that shit is over, now it is back to regular Swing shifts.

I have been working so hard on some nasty fucking shit that I came home one night morning and just threw my nasty fucking T shirt straight in the garbage.

There was no point in even trying to wash that sonofabitch and I was literally covered in black dust from head to toe from grinding inside of a giant pressure vessel with a 45 inch diameter while standing on a fucking ladder.

The shower looked like a kid stomping in a mud puddle.

I am still recuperating from that shit, that just kicked my ass. It certainly reminded me I am fifty two fucking years old now.

Even better it has been miserably hot. They even have weather alerts on the Tee Vee because it is a hundred mother fucking degrees outside.

I do however, have the letter sitting next to me with an offer of employment.

After eleven months, they are finally going to hire me full time. All I gotta do now is pass a physical and go piss in and on a cup.

It’s only another dollar an hour but they are also going to kick in a ten percent shift differential and when that kicks in it is almost three bucks an hour total.

Now we are talking.

So you’ll have to forgive me if it has been so quiet around here, I have pretty much been exhausted and this being a one man Blog, I don’t have the luxury of doing a hand off  to keep something on top every day.

Tomorrow will be the first day off I will have had in three damn weeks .

I plan on enjoying it.

Thanks fer stopping by and feel free to hit the Blogroll.

Even when I don’t really feel like posting I at least try to hit a few sites on there every day.


3 thoughts on “Yeah Yeah, I Know

  1. Romney and Ryan should have your job for a day with your paycheck….as a matter of fact EVERY mother in Congress should spend a day doing actual work

  2. I’m here for ya Busted! I’d be up for doing a hand job, off, thingy for ya if you want. Nothing to technical, maybe throw in a cool pic here and there or I CAN do a royal bitchin’ routine, i’m SO capable. I’m sitting in for Maru now, I could top you off as well. I, personally, am OK with your sporadic posts, you always make the wait worthwhile! Tell those u r working for to knock it off and treat you right and DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE!!!! fuckers. greedy slave abusing fucks. give em good and they just RIP the rest right off of what’s left of ya.

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