Prepare To Be Amazed

A friend of mine sent me the following link and I am still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.

If you enjoy old cars and bikes like I do this is going to blow your mind.

An old gentleman named Lee Hartung  from Chicago spent sixty years collecting old cars, motorcycles and just about anything you could possibly imagine, even police badges.

It took SIX DAYS just to get all the cars and motorcycles out of the building. Over eighty cars.

Some of the motorcycles are One Hundred years old. What is going to blow your mind is the fact that after sitting for untold decades, they drug them out, put gas in them and fiddled a bit here and there and then started them!

That’s right, they almost all ran!

There are some extremely rare cars and bikes shown here, some I have never even heard of. Some that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, all pristine unmolested and original.

The guy drove them in and parked them then buried them in junk he collected.

This is a series of Youtubes that will play back to back. Kick back and enjoy the show, it is incredible.

Many thanks to Dwayne for sending this my way.

The Ultimate Barn Find.

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6 thoughts on “Prepare To Be Amazed

  1. Saw that on Chasing Classic Cars on Velocity channel. The auction took two days, one for motorcycles and one for cars. They were original, but I wouldn’t call them pristine. I wonder if Lee knew everything he had in there?

  2. You’re right Montag, pristine is absolutely the wrong word. I’ll fix it here in a minute. I had one foot out the door on my way to work when I posted it and didn’t even proof read it.

    I As for Lee knowing what he had, I’m sure he knew what he had and where it was too.
    Some guy’s are funny that way. What looks like a nightmare mess to everyone else, he could probably tell you exactly where an extra drain plug was for a car he hadn’t laid eyes on for twenty years.

    I would like to know how much some of that stuff went for.
    I bet every bit of it was priceless to the old guy but I’m thinking somewhere over a million for everything he had, easy.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I’m late to the party AGAIN, Busted. I just got caught up and gotta give ya a pat. On the back or where ever. I just love readin’ your chit and always feel better after you’ve blown off some hot air, like it was me or talkin’ directly to me about all this happy horse shit flyin’ round the barn called 2012 political rants. You’re the king of the keyboard and rule the roost of your own blog in a most excellent manner, keep it going. Tanks. We out here NEED YA’.
    siri @ WTF

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