Listen To Police/Fire/EMS Without A Scanner On Your PC!

I had someone turn me on to a link to earlier this morning and I have been listening to the local police channel chatter for a while now.

It’s simple to do too.
Click on the link, click on your state then click on your county.

If they are broadcasting it will be on a list on the page.Local, county, whatever is on the list you can listen to.

You can then pick what media player you want to use to listen with off a drop menu and away you go!

Plug in some headphones and you can listen to what is going on in your local area while you surf the Net or play games.

There is an Emergency Alert option and a Premium Subscription that I didn’t even look at.

Very  handy.

Spread the word.

Routine Maintenance

I haven’t decided to buy the domain name yet and I know from years past that there are some real fucking assholes out there who just exist for the sole reason of cruising the web looking for inactive blogs.

I have a simple message for these people;

Suck My Dick.


I have a lot of years and a half dead liver invested in the writings here and I am still trying to decide if I am going to save it.


That is all.