Almost Missed It!


After all the bitching,pissing and moaning I do about politics, I got to looking around for my fucking ballot Saturday and couldn’t find it anywhere.

The wife has hers but mine took a walk somehow. I figure it got mixed in with the junk mail and went bye bye.

So I got off my dead ass this morning and went down to the election office to get a new one. I figure if you don’t vote ya can’t bitch and I bitch enough for three people.

As you can probably imagine, that place was busy as fuck all and forget trying to find a parking spot, it’s all metered parking with two cars waiting for every potential spot.

I parked a couple of blocks away in a residential neighborhood and walked, it was by far the smart move.
Besides the obvious Presidential election we also have a buttload of measures and those pesky Congress critters to decide on plus the Governor.

They are trying to legalize weed in this state and I think that is way the hell overdue so I am voting for that.

The Republican candidate for Governor is a douchebag Tea Party asshole so that is a no brainer.

Then we have the Gay marriage issue that I could personally give a shit about.

If someone wants to get married, have at it, then they can get divorced like everyone else too.

If you feel threatened by that you are one insecure sonofabitch in my book, just mind your own fucking business. I figure we have more than enough important shit to deal with besides your damn religious beliefs getting in my voters pamphlet.

The fucking Legislature is trying to pull a couple of fast ones this year too, wanting to amend the Stae Constitution,twice.

One for capping the debt limit and one that causes me to bust out laughing.

They actually want to amend the State Constitution to allow the University of Washington and  Washington State University to invest PUBLIC FUNDS in private companies and the god damn stock market!


Yeah, that’s a great idea, you fucking assholes.


That one needs to go down in flames and the special interest lobbyist and the cocksuckers who voted to put this on the ballot should be drug through town behind a team of horses with diarrhea.

These money grubbing motherfuckers never cease to amaze me with their brazenness.

So tomorrow, go fucking vote.

It won’t make a whole lot of difference but then again, Daytona beach is made up of individual grains of sand so it’s all a matter of perspective.

Maybe we can pound a handful of sand in some politicians ears.


2 thoughts on “Almost Missed It!

  1. Wow! Washington actually has voter initiatives that aren’t horrible this year? Seemed like every one that passed when I was up there had horrible unintended consequences (see: trapping laws, taxes, etc). One year I got to the polls, saw that there were FOURTEEN effing initiatives so I voted against every freaking one of them and felt great about it.

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