Routine Maintenance

I haven’t decided to buy the domain name yet and I know from years past that there are some real fucking assholes out there who just exist for the sole reason of cruising the web looking for inactive blogs.

I have a simple message for these people;

Suck My Dick.


I have a lot of years and a half dead liver invested in the writings here and I am still trying to decide if I am going to save it.


That is all.

Half Pints Are Half Price



It’s amazing what you will find on Google Images when you are looking for car parts.

I found this picture while looking to see how the clutch line was originally routed on my Sprite.

Austin Healey Sprites (starting in ’62) and MG Midgets were identical cars except for the grills and the serial numbers basically.

This is what I was originally looking for.



Yeah, it’s the same. Sure.


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