Hackers Suck


I had to reset my fucking password because some ambitious cunts hacked LinkedIn.


I haven’t been to LinkedIn in probably four years AT LEAST!

I remember finding out that those sonsabitches were downright porous man.

Just out of curiosity several years ago I went to one of those sites that knows everything about you including where you have lived since the internet was invented and all that horse shit and found my information and then tried to get it all removed. It was an absolute pain in the fucking ass to do and there are a bazillion of those kinds of sites out there now but while I was in the middle of fighting with these fuckers I discovered that the way they got a bunch of my information was from….you guessed it, LinkedIn.


Oh yeah, Fuck You, Linked In I said. I deleted my shit off there pronto and promptly forgot about their asses, until tonight.

I get an Email from WordPress telling me they reset my password because of all fucking things, it was on LinkedIn somehow!!


Suck my fucking dick it was!

I  sure as fuck didn’t put it there.


So here I am, pissed the fuck off again because some cunt wart motherfuckers hacked something I don’t even use.



I hope they get herpes inside the rim of their asshole and it goes septic and kills them slowly, whoever the fuck they are.


Cocksuckers, damn I hate hackers.

Spamming motherfuckers anyway.

You’re a Criminal in a Mass Surveillance World – How to Not Get Caught

I am putting this in the Must Read column for every inhabitant of this planet, current and future.

It is a very long piece but has an absolute Gold Mine of information in it after you start clicking some of the links.

I just spent a couple of hours doing just that and only scratched the surface!

You could literally spend a few days chasing down all the information if you were so inclined.

There are tons of links to Free Downloads to help protect yourselves and loved ones from the prying eyes of not only the worlds governments, but the corporate bastards and low life scum bags who all want your information.

Here is a Wiki for a ton of free and open source software goodies to bookmark too.

Listen To Police/Fire/EMS Without A Scanner On Your PC!

I had someone turn me on to a link to Broadcastify.com earlier this morning and I have been listening to the local police channel chatter for a while now.

It’s simple to do too.
Click on the link, click on your state then click on your county.

If they are broadcasting it will be on a list on the page.Local, county, whatever is on the list you can listen to.

You can then pick what media player you want to use to listen with off a drop menu and away you go!

Plug in some headphones and you can listen to what is going on in your local area while you surf the Net or play games.

There is an Emergency Alert option and a Premium Subscription that I didn’t even look at.

Very  handy.

Spread the word.