Can Do Attitude By Example

I don’t know about you but I thought this was cool as hell.

Taxis light up remote airstrip in Peru for emergency take-off

Their lights blaring in the night, hundreds of taxis lined an unlit airstrip in a jungle region of Peru so an emergency medevac plane with three very sick patients could take off.

All three survived after the 300-odd drivers of motorcycles fashioned into small taxis with compartments for passengers heeded a call Wednesday night from a radio station to race to the 800-meter airstrip in Contamana, in one of Peru’s poorest regions, Peruvian media reported.

The airstrip is not equipped for nocturnal flights because it has no lights.

The patients were a woman and her newborn, both with serious problems after delivery, and a man with a tropical disease.

“We have always been people with a heart,” said Adolfo Lobo, the radio presenter who put out the call for help.

Contamana, a town of 26,000, has a hospital with no equipment for emergency situations and the airport is rudimentary.

300 of these;
peruvian taxi

My hat is off to those guys.
Gives you a feeling there might just be something worthy of redemption in humanity after all.

H/T Fark for the link.

Ya Gotta Love The Internet

I finally got around to changing the belt on my Moms Kirby vacuum cleaner.

I got in the closet and drug the sonofabitch out, sat down and realized there were some parts missing.
I got back in the closet and drug out anything remotely looking like vacuum cleaner parts and sat back down.
I sat and stared at the fucking thing for a good full minute, trying to figure out what I was going to have to get to put it back together..
I mean, I know there were pieces but it wasn’t real obvious how it went back together.

I kinda figured it out but wasn’t quite sure how to proceed..
Enter Google.

I typed in Kirby Belt Replacement Procedure and Viola!

The fourth line down hooked me up with a Youtube
In less than three minutes it was back up and running with ZERO tools involved.

Ya gotta fucking love that shit.

Even better, there was some strangely compelling weird tune in the back ground;

This isn’t the first time I have hit the web looking for instructions by any means either.
There is the compilation of the total of humanities knowledge on the web, ya just gotta know how to find it.


This lady, Donita Sparks, is a kick in the ass fun!

Click here for Transmiticate thirty second samples off the new album.

She is currently out on tour tearing it up promoting her new album, Transmiticate.
Follow the link to get a copy and you can even get an autographed one!
Donita is a wicked cool lady and sent me a personally autographed one for my Birthday!
When she is not rockin’ her socks off, I chat with her and you can too, Fridays at three oclock in the afternoon, she is at Firedoglake with her weekly Spin I’m In.

Pretty damn down to earth and she has a great sense of humor, just as nice and friendly as you can imagine, there is no “Im a Rock Star” ego here.

I went to her show in Portland last year before she came out with this new album and I can’t fuckin’ WAIT to see her and The Stellar Moments!
I see she will be in town and I am going to find my ticket, TODAY!

I highly recommend you go see this show if she comes anywhere near ya, it’s all about the music and having a good time. The live show is Fucking. Awesome.
The lady knows how to rock the house and you will not be disappointed!

Here is a link to her concert dates, I’m telling ya, go see her!

Wiped Out

I just put in a 14 hour day at a ship yard on about two hours of sleep last night.
I could Not get to sleep and now I am DONE.
I couldn’t pass it up, I actually worked up a sweat twice, it was muggy as Hell today, the rest of my time was watching a Twenty one thousand gallon tank getting filled up to make sure it didn’t get too full.
Pretty much Gravy work for Double time and a half.The reason I am even posting at all is because I learned something that astonished me.

There were these huge propeller shafts sitting on blocks in a row that I kept walking by and looking at.
How huge?
Some were thirty six inches in diameter and over thirty feet long, Solid. Steel.
What really caught my attention was something that was written on a few of them.
For some background, we are talking about a solid steel shaft that weighs Twenty Eight Tons.
They have these huge assed cranes that travel back and forth on rails, much like a train, to move these things around.
When they pick one up, they use slings on either end.
This is where that message got my attention, it said,
” Shaft Swings To 4 Degrees North when lifted”.

It took me all of a half a second to get what that meant.
When they pick them up in slings, they turn into 56 Thousand pound Compass Needles.
Yep, they try and align themselves with Magnetic North!
Is that freaky or what?!
OK, I’m done.
See ya later.

I Have Achieved


Yes, hostilities ceased yesterday at 9:42 PM Pacific time with the unconditional surrender of my most worthy opponent. Immediate reconcilliation and normalization of relationships followed.

A fast track peace plan has already been realized and as I type the varmint is laying next to me kneading my leg and purring like a race car.

What a lover this little thing turned out to be. The minute I got home and opened the door there were two meows and immediate head butting of my leg. I couldn’t even get sat down and she was in my lap wanting some love.

She is going to be a great cat.

I am just tickled.