I Am Totally Fucking Impressed!

Fuck me, these little dudes are only Twelve Fucking Years Old! They rock man! Sixth Graders! Holy shit am I old. Unlocking The Truth. Live in Times Square. You gotta check out some of the stuff they have on Youtube when they are indoors, pretty incredible. Originally found courtesy of Boing Boing. Advertisements

Wiped Out

I just put in a 14 hour day at a ship yard on about two hours of sleep last night. I could Not get to sleep and now I am DONE. I couldn’t pass it up, I actually worked up a sweat twice, it was muggy as Hell today, the rest of my time was… Read More Wiped Out

I Have Achieved

VICTORY!!!! Yes, hostilities ceased yesterday at 9:42 PM Pacific time with the unconditional surrender of my most worthy opponent. Immediate reconcilliation and normalization of relationships followed. A fast track peace plan has already been realized and as I type the varmint is laying next to me kneading my leg and purring like a race car.… Read More I Have Achieved