4 thoughts on “The Essential Question Law Enforcement Needs To Answer

  1. See, this wasn’t a problem when the *right people* were targeted for detention, Stop & Frisk and arrests, but now that Libertarians and entitled white people feel they are being treated the same way as minorities well it’s just terrible Stalinist Oppression and Nazi Germany.

    Such, a broad question is purposefully inflammatory and rhetorical sophistry.

    She reveals her glibertarian, Paulite beliefs with her “unlawful initiation of force” baloney.

    If she stands with the III Percenters or the Oathkeepers or any of the right-wing fascist Sovereign Citizen groups then I am against her 100%.

  2. Nothing new here, alas – our police and military have never failed to shoot Americans when ordered to do so, that I am aware of. Historically, they don’t get punished either.

  3. Great set of questions! Layered response-
    Most LE management are power hungry sociopaths – yes there are exceptions, but the true professionals stay in the shadows. Senior professional LE with tenure, will follow the CONSTITUTIONAL Law, and not be afraid to call out their bosses when bosses do stupid or illegal stuff. They will immediately be threatened with insubordination, but it won’t stand. Sociopaths can’t tolerate light! This level is where the battle rages. Then there are the lower time folks who don’t have tenure, and need the job. This is paralleled by LE who the sociopath management intentionally deny minimum industry standard level training. Further defined by LE that seek out above minimum, professional training on their own. (One in one hundred). And those that only do the minimum, or just what they are told (automatons). This layered result will remain as long as unprofessional, political, sociopath management are hidden, and shielded by fake news. In professional LE, criminal bosses are identified, and held accountable. Think Noriega and the traffickers. To clean up, and reprofessionalize U.S. LE, we must hold LE management, and their political shot callers accountable!

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