I Knew It Was Bad But Now It’s Just Ridiculous

Everyone by now is all too familiar with the price and scarcity of ammo.
Some calibers are hard to come by and most places sell out as soon as it hits the shelves, if not before.
I first noticed it clear back in early March as I recall,trying to find the lowly.22LR round.
Not only could I not find any in quantity, I couldn’t find any at all.

As far as I have seen, it is still as scarce as hen’s teeth anywhere around here and the prices have gone through the roof.

Cheaper Than Dirt drew my ire especially a while back for wanting up to twenty five fucking dollars for fifty lousy rounds.

I used to be able to buy FIVE HUNDRED rounds for eleven dollars.
Yes, I can still remember that, it wasn’t all that long ago.

Then I started looking at gun shows, it was still pretty damn pricey,I paid seven fifty for a fifty round box in late March.

Now ,the price of .22 ammo has gone up 400% since this time last year and it doesn’t look like it is going to come back down any time in the near future.

That is insane.

Not only has the price gone through the roof, the availability is still nigh on to finding the Holy Grail.

It’s not just .22 rounds either.

We Americans have bought so much ammo in the past six months that now the supply has dwindled halfway around the World because of it.

Firearm importers in Australia are being told to brace for supplies to run extremely thin or completely dry within weeks.

Importer Jade Cleaver says he has been buying more than usual in anticipation.

“We’ve been stockpiling ammunition in a sense so we don’t run out,” he said.

“Basically the American community is consuming the ammunition and the ammunition manufacturers can’t keep up.”

Australia’s eight main firearm wholesalers source about 80 per cent of their stock from the United States.

American ammo producers are running around the clock and simply can not keep up with demand.

This was to be expected after the government decided that gun control was something it needed to do right after that crazy fucked in the head kid in Connecticut killed 26 people,mostly children, using firearms he stole from his mother after he killed her first.

We are all too familiar with that now too.

The little asshole broke so many laws doing it, I’m not sure I have ever even seen a total.

After the gun control frenzy took a shot to the solar plexus and got put on the back burner nationally, we all figured it would just be a matter of time until the gun and ammo buying frenzy would taper off but so far, six months later, the ammo shortage has yet still to start easing off.

Some of the gun manufactures have still got back orders that won’t be filled for a year yet but ammo isn’t as machine work intensive as a gun is.

At this point if you haven’t already bought the ammo you think you need, you can expect to pay one hell of a lot more than you would have a year ago but a 400% increase for .22 shells just sticks in my craw.monopoly


11 thoughts on “I Knew It Was Bad But Now It’s Just Ridiculous

  1. A friend sold his 30/30 the other day and asked if I wanted his bullet stock. Told him you bet your sweet bippy ! Sold me 200 rounds for a hundred bucks ! That’s half of normal retail. Deals like that are very rare these days. At least now I’ll have ammo to deer hunt for a good while…

  2. Y’all need to come to Canada…I just bought 500 .22LR for $14.95 in a small town in Manitoba. The shelves were full, and cases were stacked on the floor.

  3. At those prices I might be tempted to sell some of mine! Nah… Highest I paid was $15 for 550 round Federal. Ammo cans and O2 absorbers be my friends 🙂

  4. I hear what you are saying. Last gun show a couple of months back, a dealer had one of those plastic Steri-whatever containers about 1/2 full of zip lock baggies with 100 ct (2 boxes) of Remington Golden bullets for $10. I thought he was crazy for offering that, but as the afternoon wore down, the pile was getting smaller and smaller. Crazy.

    To a guy like me who bought Wincheter Wildcat and Federal Lightning for $5 – $7 a BRICK, just makes my heart ache. Plinking has changed a lot – do you still shoot and practice and hope you can replace it later or just sit on it and see cobwebs grow ? Sigh.

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