A Work In Progress

As I have alluded to in other posts earlier, I have been working on my Piece Of Shit 1964 Austin Healey Sprite off and on for, about the last twenty five or so years.


I finally got a bit done today that I should have done a couple weeks ago when I had the fucking engine out.


At the time I was just going to slap it back together so I just sanded some surface rust and sprayed it with some black spray paint  over the sanded spots and put the engine and transmission back in it.

It looked like hell and wouldn’t ya know it, it came back and bit me square on the ass today.


I was using some Brake Clean to get rid of some greasy spots and that cheap paint instantly crinkled up like a cheap suit.

Fuuuuuuck me was I pissed.


That’s it then.

I started stripping parts off the cocksucker like I should have done the first time. Then I had to remove all that black fucking paint.
That was an unholy mess and took most of the day.

Of course with the engine and front steering/suspension still mounted I couldn’t get it all painted but I got most of it.

Forty bucks for stainless steel bolts, two more trips for laquer thinner and paint.

The engine compartment is now the color I wanted to paint the rest of the car. Eventually the whole thing will get stripped again and repainted but this is where I am at right now.



If you look closely under the steering rack you can see the original Baby Blue color of the car.

I always hated that color.

Here is the rest of the miserable sonofabitch.



The whole front end comes off with two pivot bolts and unhooking the wires for the lights.

That makes it SO much easier to work on the little monstrosity.


The thing is basically a street legal Go Cart.


Now I have to clean up and reinstall all the crap I took off and actually get the thing to run again.

There is no end in sight to the amount of work and money I am going to have to put into this thing but at least I have something to do instead of sitting in a bar.


I should have my head examined for opening this can of worms but there it is.


8 thoughts on “A Work In Progress

  1. Former Fire Officer of mine quit drinking. He’d take a few tools to the dump to take stuff apart all day. There was no real point to it except it keep him out of the bars and busy. Couple of months of that and he was fine. Never drank again.

    At least you’ll get a car out of it too.

    1. I have a serious Love/Hate relationship with this thing. I do love to tinker around and this is the perfect vehicle for that.
      The price of parts is what is killing me most but there is a reason I have kept it all these years. A shrink would have a field day talking to me.

  2. You”ve done a hellofa good job with engine/transmission still in the car. I share your view of the bird=shit blue paint. That’s why I had it painted grey. Of course, I didn’t put the sweat into it that you have. Good thing you quit drinking because, as you stated, the price of parts will keep you broke anyway……

  3. “I should have my head examined for opening this can of worms but there it is.”

    Heh. Been there, done that. But I had the good sense to walk away when it became clear that the classic vintage vehicle I had bought for peanuts and was trying to restore was going to turn into a money pit the size of the Dead Sea. Kinda pissed me off ’cause I’d already put a fair amount of sweat and money into the thing, but sometimes ya just gotta know when to fold and walk away. Except it looks like you’re close enough now to see the end of the tunnel…then you have yourself a street-legal go-kart ;).

  4. Just yank that Singer sewing machine out from between the fenders and drop you a 400 small block in its place backed up with a Muncie close ratio 4 speed. Who the hell cares what it looks like then, nobody will see it for long! 🙂 Hell, even a 327 would make that go kart a rocket ship! Break out the shoe horn…

    1. It’s been done. Go to Google Images and look for MG Midget V-8.
      You couldn’t pay me to get in one though without a full cage and a completely upgraded braking system.
      The little fuckers don’t stop for shit with all that wieght up front.
      Hell, they don’t stop for shit anyway.

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