Disaster Relief

Holy. Shit..

The tornado that decimated Moore Oklahoma yesterday was estimated to be TWO MILES WIDE.

I don’t give a rusty fuck what your politics are, these are Americans and they are going to desperately need our help.

Dig in your ass pocket and give.
We all see just how effective the Federal response to natural disasters is. Folks from the Sandy Hurricane are still all fucked up and it took those rotten motherfuckers in Congress THREE FUCKING MONTHS to authorize relief spending while people were living in tents in the dead of winter on the North East coast.

As for the ultimate irony, both Oklahoma Senators have consistently voted against Federal disaster funding. Lets not wait to see how long it takes for those two assholes to stick their hands out now.

Here is the link to the local Red Cross in Oklahoma.
Give directly to them or any Church organizations you know of.

Do it now.


One thought on “Disaster Relief

  1. I am eligible for a partial or full relief for the generator I borrowed money to buy after the April 27, 2011 tornado that ripped apart our town and left us without electricity for 10 days. FEMA says I can pay for the damage to my house. They refuse to pay for the generator and all the cords it took to even use it. There are houses where blue tarps cover the houses, allowing rain and vermin and mold to destroy the house. Good luck with FEMA for those in OK.

    Yes, my condition is not so dire as the OK folk, but this was and still a sore spot with me and lots of people around town.

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