What I Will Be Doing Today

Working on my POS British car of course.
Miserable sonofabitch.

While I have the fucking transmission out of the car I decided I might as well throw some “tune up” parts at the little fucker.

I paid damn near a thousand dollars fifteen years ago for a rebuilt transmission that I can pick up with one hand.
Of course, it wasn’t rebuilt completely I find out later.
It likes to jump out of fourth gear and the case hardening came off the main shaft so that when I checked the oil after a few hundred miles it was basically liquid chrome.
I was in the middle of moving and the subsequent break up with my ex at the time and never dealt with it.

Hopefully, it is just the detente balls and springs letting it jump out of gear, they are cheap.


I have two other transmissions, one reverse is fucked in and one I have no idea if it works or not.

I am going to gamble on this one for now.

In other news, I got woke up this morning after a whopping five hours of sleep by the kid, all excited about cats or some fucking thing.

I got up unhappy, grabbed some coffee and my smokes and headed out to the garage.

That is when I found out we have three fucking kittens under the house and they had wandered into the garage through a hole in the wall behind the washing machines.

Fuck me are they cute little buggers.

Two of them are Maine Coons bigger than shit, they have that big “M” on their foreheads.
They don’t have the tufts on their ears but there is no mistaking the markings.


That explains the strange cat I saw in the garage last week.

Momma kitty obviously.

They are at least a month old.
The wife says I can’t keep any because we already have two.

One of them is about fifteen years old though and we just may be getting a new kitten anyway, wifey.

I want the runt. She laid in my lap like she had been there her whole life and took a little nap.

If there is one thing I am a sucker for, it is cute little kittens.



4 thoughts on “What I Will Be Doing Today

  1. Oh, and Maine Coons are the coolest of all possible cats. I’ve sworn off cats because of the near-100% mortality rate to predators, but even I could be tempted by a Maine Coon.

  2. No Maine kittys down here that I’m aware of, but I was cutting the side yard of our home Saturday which has the ‘junk pile’ and found a pair of live kittens (eyes still closed, little mofos that you hardly hear the mew but mom kitty can hear from a long way). Cute little guys like you said, I didn’t touch them in case Mom would reject them. Called wife over, she said ‘Omigawd so cute
    !’ but we already we a pair of inside cats so these stay outside. We aren’t telling my 11 year old daughter, who likely scoop them up like nothing.

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