It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Jesus there are some pussy motherfuckers in this country.
I would be afraid to show my face in public if I had written this bullshit.*

Putting a lid on it

Look at the damage pressure cookers can do in the wrong hands.The Boston Marathon tragedy and use of pressure cookers by terrorists for their explosive devices proves that pressure cookers should be controlled.

Even if they’re only used in the kitchen, pressure cookers can be hazardous. We should limit the public’s ability to obtain or own a pressure cooker with a capacity of more than six quarts, and we should approve such a purchase only after the buyer undergoes a complete background check.

Who has a need or right to own a 23-quart-capacity pressure cooker? And, of course, the individual making and exploding the bomb and enhancing its destructive force with a pressure cooker is not responsible for what happens with it; it’s the fault of the evil manufacturers and of the stores that sell the pressure cookers.
Richard King, Virginia Beach

pressure cooker

Image acquired with gratitude from Plan Of The Day.

* It’s obviously sarcasm but we all know someone, somewhere out there is thinking this out loud and feels it to be necessary, “For The Children”.



2 thoughts on “It Was Only A Matter Of Time

  1. That store chain pulled them off their shelves, but then apologized and put them back. Yeah, “assault” pressure cookers. Fuck, might as well make you go through a background check to buy chlorine and ammonia, knives longer than three inches, PVC pipe, aerosol cans, cars, gasoline and diesel, boats, spear guns, bows and arrows, crossbows, bricks, rocks, hammers, baseball bats, hockey sticks, fishing hooks, rope, Coleman fuel, propane, butane, cigarette lighters, matches, “assault” tent stakes, nails, screws, nuts, bolts… For the children, of course. And a damn fine excuse to implement a national ID card so all they gotta do is swipe it to get “clearance” to sell you anything “dangerous”…

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