Breaking: Two Explosions At Boston Marathon Finish Line

It’s hard to get any updates yet but apparently two separate explosions went off seconds apart at the finish line area at the Boston Marathon about twenty minutes ago.

Several injuries have been reported and the hotel used for race headquarters has been locked down.


Check your news feeds for updates.




7 thoughts on “Breaking: Two Explosions At Boston Marathon Finish Line

  1. I am sorry to read that you have a following of twits who post replies about the extreme right wing and say the words ‘false flag’.
    You have cornered a market in idiot just because you advocate self reliance. I have followed you for a long time and went with you through thick and thin. But you got some crackers commenting that are conspiratorial nut cases.
    You may want to put them in their place. There is enough real life problems with real life morons who got elected to deal with. Not the fucking crazies. Clean the asshole crazies out by making a statement that you ain’t in the same room please.

    1. I believe everything I’m told by da gubment. Why would dey lie?

      A second shooter on the grassy knoll – WTC 7 – Obama wins the Noble Peace Prize. Wat da fuck you talkin bout!

      -Joe Cracker

  2. PS You are not a reporter. You are an ornery bastard. Plant something and watch your efforts piss you off. Talk about how you actually tried to please your wife and have that go up in smoke … I can write volumes on that.
    But the Boston fiasco you shouldn’t tackle.
    Stick to home grown emotion that makes you readable. And fuck it if some think I am critical. I am ornery too.

    1. Interesting comment TJ.
      No, I don’t see this as being a false flag event and I certainly have no control over what other people think or say other than censoring comments, which I generally don’t do.

      1. That is a fare response Busted.
        I think I have a problem with encroaching crazies and am on the defensive. I love your links to self preservation. But I am always drawn to you dealing with fucked up situations around you. Over the years as I have tapped into your heart I have been rewarded with stuff I can relate to.
        I give a shout out to the woman who found you or who you found. That has gotta be a great sedative to pissed off and you can do that sex thing people talk about too.

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