How Ya Like Me Now?

off a cliff

Yeah, like that.

I decided I liked the idea of starting another Blog and seeings how I happened to come up with a name for one yesterday that wasn’t being used, I went for it

For my long time liberal friends all I can say is that you probably won’t like it and I can totally understand that.
Part of getting older is hopefully adapting and changing your opinions and outlook according to what you have learned and experienced in life.

What I have observed in the last few years has changed my outlook to the point that what passes for the Democratic party these days is unrecognizable to me.

I have been a lifelong registered Democrat who voted a straight ticket reliably, year after year, but that is going to change effective immediately.

As of today I will consider myself to be a political Independent as there seems to be no discernable difference between the two major political parties in this country anymore.

The new site is going to be a different undertaking for me and will be geared towards my evolving political views but mostly I plan to use it as an aggregator directed towards Prepping and Second Amendment issues.

If you are so inclined, please take a moment and drop by The Vulgar Curmudgeon.

I just posted there for the first time and it is brand spanking new so there is no Blogroll or anything else for that matter except that first post.


6 thoughts on “How Ya Like Me Now?

  1. Congratulations on finally coming over to the dark side.

    Until more liberals/progressives let the Democrats know that they don’t automatically get our votes, their just going to keep on taking a dump on us, and the rest of the nation for that matter.

  2. I’ve made the same observation over the same time period. I lean on the conservative side myself so favor Rebpubs, but have noticed that many of them are scumbags too! Just a label I guess – politicians are in it just for themselves, always have been. Voting just encourages them.

  3. Kewl

    Won’t be long now till you’ll be seeing the “necessity” of owning a black rifle and some of those evil 30 round magazines.

    I like the change and I like the direction you’re going.


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