See? Gun Free School Zones Work!

14 people stabbed but there wasn’t one bullet fired.
Is that a win for the gun grabbers?

At least 14 hurt in stabbing spree on Texas campus; suspect believed to be student.

At least 14 people were hurt Tuesday in a stabbing spree at a Texas community college apparently carried out by a student, authorities said. Sheriff’s officials said the suspect was in custody.

At least two victims were in critical condition. It was not immediately clear how severe the other injuries were. The stabbing happened at the CyFair campus of Lone Star College, in the Houston suburb of Cypress.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia said that authorities were not certain what the weapon or motive was. He said the suspect was 21 years old.

Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center said it had two patients in critical condition and six in all, including four flown there by helicopter. A spokeswoman for another hospital, North Cypress Medical Center, said it had taken six stabbing victims who were in stable condition.

Cue the Nanny State to start a campaign to ban Sharp Edged Assault Weapons in 3…2…1..

It’s for the children, don’t ya know.

England, has, in fact, had such a ban in place for several years now.
Just FYI.
They even went so far as to ban real glass in taverns just in case someone just might want to break one and use the sharp edge as a weapon. Them’s some paranoid sonsabitches over there man.

It seems to me that crazy violent people are going to use whatever fucking thing they can get their hands on to use as a weapon when the urge strikes them and no amount of legislation on earth is ever going to stop it.

I don’t see that stopping the control freaks in this country from trying though.


11 thoughts on “See? Gun Free School Zones Work!

  1. You right Busted

    Probably see Dianne on the tube this evening flapping her harpy gums about the country needing to ban Claymores and other sharp pointed thingies.

  2. This should bring a shrill scream from the banners-Get those knives out of the hands of deranged students………

  3. Seems to me the solution is concealed carry laws and making it easier for law abiding citizens to carry in all 50 states, anywhere, anytime… Of course, that would make sense so every liberal loon will obviously be against it…

  4. Clearly, the student was not thinking clearly, or he would have used a gun like a proper American and racked up a respectable kill count. How did he expect to commit a mass murder with just a knife?

    1. The meat-sack must of had a little glitch in his Manchurian programing; probably spent to much time watching Bevis and Butthead.

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