Dumber Than A Box Of Rusty Hammers

This is an example of the brilliant leadership we see in the efforts to hog tie your Second Amendment rights.

I kid you not, this lady is an elected representative in Colorado giving us her considered expert opinion of why standard capacity magazines must be outlawed.She is the prime co sponsor of the bill that passed banning “high capacity” reloadable magazines.

This woman has no fucking idea of what she is talking about in the first place.
Absolutely fucking clueless.

Let me point the finger of blame here to some equally clueless low information voters that resulted in putting this idiot in the position of being able to make these public statements and still claim to have the moral superiority to restrict her constituents ability to access and own what were once perfectly legal items.

This is the face of the Nanny State.

If ignorance is truly bliss this fucking lady has to be ecstatic.

It is a sad example of the state of our countries elected officials when someone who isn’t intelligent enough to recognize the fact that they need to educate themselves even the slightest bit about a subject they know nothing about before they try to cram legislation down the throats of the rest of the citizens just because they think it is the right thing to do.

I am sick to death of ignorant motherfuckers exactly like this woman who think they know what is best for everyone else.

They have no grasp of the long term implications of what they are playing with yet zealously run around spouting inaccurate information as if it were gospel and restricting the liberty of others by popular opinion.

I would remind brain dead motherfuckers like her out there that this country is not a Democracy where the majority rules.

Fucking Socialists.


H/T to SpongeBobCrackWhore for sending me the link to this atrocity.


7 thoughts on “Dumber Than A Box Of Rusty Hammers

  1. The bitch is an obvious graduate of the Dianne Frankenstein School of Tactical Embarrassment.

    What’s really fucking scary is,,,,,the fact that there’s more of those dip-shits than there are of us.


  2. She is the one who represents district 1, its a safe seat so what does she care she will be reelected no matter what!…

  3. Someone patiently ‘splain to me why limiting size of magazines is NOT a good thing in terms of helping to slow the massacres we keep seeing?

    It makes sense to me . . . can a shooter carry multiple mags? SURE! But said shooter would have to reload, that’s a fraction of time to act. Worth even the FRACTION, if yer in the line of fire.

    With the larger mags, you can empty a room of 30 or more WAY too fast. I mean, this is COMBAT stuff, last I heard, these shooters are fucking deranged and NOT in combat defending their country.

    1. Larue,

      Those recent massacres took place in “Gun Free Zones.” What might be a legitimate method of stopping a “fucking deranged”?

      A good man with a gun!

      We may need those 30 round mags one of these first days, so please don’t impose on my right to buy/own them.

  4. These days I find my self laughing at the antics of individuals whom are to stupid to survive. These nutjobs are asking the gubbermint to save them from shootings, bad that they were, but pulled by meat puppets that play into the “communitarian” plan. Sounds like tin foil, but it’s more close to the truth. The bigger the blood bath, the more likely that these lone wolf shooters had help….government help.

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