Anybody Else Remember This Guy?

He is argueably one of the best Rock guitarists on the planet and there should be a very long line of people waiting to kiss his hand for showing them how it is done right.
You may have heard of him way back when, ever hear of a band called The Scorpions?
How about UFO?

Michael Schenker knows how to wail on a Flying V guitar baby. Like all great guitar players, he has his own distinctive style and sound too.

You can watch him wring ones neck but good here.

Now for some serious assed Rock and Roll, you can go ahead and turn the Lights Out now.


9 thoughts on “Anybody Else Remember This Guy?

  1. We used to call those “big singles.” We scoured the record stores to find them because they were almost always “imports” from the UK, Germany, or Japan. Many times the big singles would have un-released in the U.S. B-sides…live cuts or studio cuts/remixes that didn’t make the US LP release, which made them even better. To top it off, many of the import big singles were cut on what was thought to be “virgin” vinyl. How could you tell it was virgin vinyl? Because light would actually shine through it. Standard American vinyl could not do that. Most of the import vinyl we found actually had better audio quality too…a big plus for we stoner audio-philes. I kinda miss those days…

  2. Yes, the era that saw the metal guitarist come to full maturity. A good Axe, A 100 watt MV Marshall(JCM 800), and a basic overdrive pedal is what most of those guys used back then.
    George Lynch(Dokken), Craig Goldy(Dio), Wolf Hoffman(Accept), KK Downing/Glen Tippton(Judas Priest), and my personal favorite of that time , Randy Rhodes(Ozzy), but today, what passes for music is a total joke, and all most all of the modern acts of any genre of music today lacks what you called “Old Soul” and todays generation will have very little to show for it like the generations of the 60’s, 70’s, and the 80’s had.

  3. Back in the day my axe of choice was a BC Rich Warlock with true humbuckers with a “real Floyd Rose tremolo”. I never really learned to play it, but it was fun to crash it to a marshal stack until the smoke came out the back.

  4. Every now and then somebody rubs my nose in what I missed when I didn’t really follow rock and roll. Thanks, Mr. Knuckles. I love some good guitar.

    1. My pleasure Joel.
      You should really go check out some of his other works too. Some of his instrumentals are really good.

      Btw, just call me Busted for short, everyone else does.
      Or Phil, if you like. No need for formalities.

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