A Pimple On A Fleas Ass

I have been slightly entertained lately watching North Korea blustering and threatening to rain death and destruction on us Americans lately.

Who the fuck do they think they are kidding?

The average North Korean doesn’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of and is virtually on the verge of starvation as it is most of the time. I have personally loaded entire shipping containers of American wheat in 100 pound bags on pallets to send to their starving asses.

Sure, they have a huge standing army but it isn’t going to do them a fuck all lot of good if they can’t get anywhere to fight.

That country is so poor they can barely pay attention.

If, and I do mean if, they decide to launch some IKEA type missile at us and IF it manages to hit something and IF, it manages to kill one single citizen of this country those little fuckers will wish they were never born and everyone including them knows it.

Right now they claim to have their forces on the highest alert,just trembling with rage and ready to spring into action!

I give that about another month and then the bean counters will start reminding them how much it is costing them.

They are of course betting that China will back their narrow asses up again like they did back in the 50’s.

I’m not so sure China really wants to do that again.

The situation has changed dramatically since then.

We have submarines with more firepower in one fish than the entire Fifth Fleet had back then.
In the past we have taken their saber rattling as a pathetic cry for help and just sent them food and oil to shut them the hell up.

I suggest we just sit their asses down and explain to them where the bear shits in the woods and if they don’t start playing nice and shut the fuck up then maybe really bad things are gonna start happening.

I would point out to them that they are between us and Afghanistan, where we just happen to have an entire army complete with supplies just hanging out waiting for something else to do before they come home and it might just become necessary for all those people and all that equipment to have a layover right near their border on it’s way home.

Can you say Naval Blockade?
Sure you can. Of course then we would have to worry about the North Korean Navy, especially known for their high tech destroyers.
korean navy

If they thought they were hungry now that would pretty much limit them to dragging supplies on their backs from the land side out of China.

Sure, they could invade South Korea but then it would get ugly in a New York minute.

Then China would be drug into it whether they wanted it or not and all hell would break loose.

I’m thinking the Chinese would frown upon that course of action pretty heavily.

So do what I am and sit back and be slightly entertained by this pip squeak outfit.


7 thoughts on “A Pimple On A Fleas Ass

  1. North Korea has roughly 100,000 artillery tubes pointing at Seoul, South Korea, which is ten miles from the border with North Korea. And roughly 5% of the world’s economy is there in Seoul, including major parts of the U.S. economy — for example, virtually every smartphone screen in the world is made by Samsung there in Seoul (even iPhone screens are made by Samsung — despite Apple having sued them over their Android phones!) and that factory getting pulverized would make the whole world scream in pain.

    Yeah, those bamboo rockets they’re shooting off are just so much noise. As for the North Korean navy, they have a lot of midget submarines that aren’t good for much besides sneaking spies ashore in South Korea, but which could conceivably make an amphibious landing pretty damned rough.

    As for a naval blockade, virtually all of North Korea’s supplies come in by land from China. And somehow I doubt the Chinese would stand by if we bombed the bridges over the Yalu River…

  2. YeP, to bad for S.K. That part over, remember they are a proud people, they live meagerly. Except for a few. So why would they do all this bravado? Last year poor harvest, this year, they have a new leader, and the army is having problems. Funds are short, here so we cannot give there.. Tourism because of the two high class visitors did not take off, wrong tourists were invited. They needed middle class, spending tourists, and the west effectivly killed them off. China cannot help them, problems of their own, same problems, plus weather problems. But they need attention, so . . . . .

  3. N. Korea is like a burning bag of dog shit on China’s front porch. Do they leave it alone and maybe burn the joint down or do they stomp it out and spend the rest of the day cleaning it outta their waffle stompers? Or should they just pick it up with a shovel and throw it in the ocean? This isn’t 1950.


  4. Gee, and I was sure it was the CIA giving US a reason to start another feel-good war (and take our eye off the financial catastrophe being visited upon us by the owners).

    Thanks for straightening me out.

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