Pointing Out The Obvious

I think it’s safe to say times have been pretty tough financially for the majority of people world wide ever since the financial crisis of 2007 hit.
The after shocks are still reverbrating throughout the economies in Europe with the recent crisis in Cyprus highlighting the point.

The average American has been struggling for years now even though the economists claim the Great Recession ended in 2009.

I called bullshit on that statement when I saw it way back then.

Technically that might have been true but to my eye we are still in a recession and just only recently have I been seeing any of those so called “green shoots” they tried blowing up our asses years ago.
Inflation is still rising as can only be expected when the government runs the printing presses 24/7 hurling paper money into the system to the tune of billions and billions of dollars with nothing tangible to back it’s intrinsic value.

Well someone finally did a study of just how hard a hit the average American has taken and the results are shocking even to a jaded old fucker like me.

The number of suburban residents living in poverty rose by nearly 64 percent between 2000 and 2011, to about 16.4 million people, according to a Brookings Institution analysis of 95 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. That’s more than double the rate of growth for urban poverty in those areas.

My emphasis added.

That is what we used to call the Middle Class.
Now that the motherfuckers have effectively killed off the Middle Class I have a question.

Just who in the fuck do they expect is going to pick up the slack for all the taxes they used to pay for running this country?
We saw the Fiscal Cliff fiasco, a contrived “emergency” and now we have the added drama of Sequestration, another version of the same contrived bullshit our elected officials dreamed up to avoid doing their fucking jobs.

We see endless crying and whining about how we can’t afford investing in our infrastructure or to do stupid things like fund tours of of our own property (The Whitehouse) for aspiring citizens yet we can afford to give literally billions of dollars away in foreign aid that is basically pissing down a rat hole.

I’m thinking some people have their priorities turned around yet I don’t see any light bulbs lighting up over the heads of our elected officials.
I think the message here is pretty clear.

On top of our government literally turning into a police state it is also actively pursuing it’s own downfall.

There can only be one result from the policies in place right now and that is total economic collapse.

Zimbabwe writ large.

The value of a dollar won’t be worth the price of the ink to print it.

You can be quite certain that I am no economist but if I can see this coming it should scare the shit out of you.
It is a proven fact that the direct result of a government flooding the market with worthless printed money is hyper inflation.

Right now they are manipulating the data that would plainly show this is what is happening and you can see with your own eyes that inflation has been eating away at your purchasing power with one simple observation.

Quite a few people have already noticed it, especially those noted above who are new to the poverty rolls.

Look at the packaging sizes of common food items at the grocery store.

You are paying at least the same if not more for less and less product and it is being disguised by their using smaller containers.

Expect to see more and more subtle little signs , you will, it is inevitable.

I really don’t have any answers for you either. I am in the same sinking boat.

The one thing I would recommend is to buy in bulk purchases for things that have long shelf lives instead of paying for fancy packaging. Things that have tangible value, that you can hold in your hands, are going to trump FRN’s here very shortly.

Just start opening your eyes, this is a controlled implosion but an implosion never the less.

The Fed won’t confirm what you can see with your own lying eyes but you certainly don’t need to wait until it is too late to try and protect yourself as much as possible.

I am interested in what you who are reading this have noticed and if you have any advice for the rest of us because all I see is ugly.


6 thoughts on “Pointing Out The Obvious

  1. You have a very clear vision of all the ugly. Not much the average Joe can do about it, besides putting a litle food aside and reducing dependence on the system as much as possible.

  2. There really is only one party. They are both owned by Wall Street and the Banks. to the 1% they don’t care which party is in power because they know they will get what they want. Like the vote the other day to de=regulate the derivative market which is valued at $4 Quadrillion and which is guaranteed by you and me if it goes bust, which it surely will. It is all a game and most people are working longer hours for less money. Trying to pay their mortgage for a house worth 25 to 40% less than when they bought it. Worried about the price of food, hell a banana doesn’t even last 2 days when you get it home. They can’t afford to educate their kids, college in most cases is out of the question and there are no jobs anyway. A neighbor of mine who was laid off over a year ago and has applied for anything went to Wendy’s the other day to apply and saw that his son beat him to it. A 54 year old fighting a 21 year old college grad for a job taking out garbage and flipping burgers. What a country. George Carlin said it best “they are all in a club and we are not in it”.

  3. I was in Fred Meyers and the have a new coffee can size of 24 oz. instead of the old 34 oz. If you like having coffee stockup now!
    I believe food and energy items are the most important items to store and will give you the most value for your money. Cash & carry has a 50 pound bag of rice for $17.75 and a 25 pound bag of lentils for $11.77. Popcorn 12.5 bag for $8.00 and some great buys on #10 of tomatoes and sauces add in a couple 4 pound bags at $3.16 each and for about $50.00 you could add a lot of food.

  4. Not that us poor SOB’s have much money, but I wouldn’t keep much in the bank past what you need there. You might even think about draining your 401K and taking the penalty if you still have one. Argentina nationalized all the pension plans and accounts, swearing that they were protecting the common people and promising that the government would provide. The Cyprus banks are stealing from their depositors, and Spain is suggesting that they will do that as well. I hope folks have enough in precious metals (blue-collar precious metals: steel, brass, lead) and can buy food before things go totally TU.

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