A New Local Resource For Preppers

I was doing my morning web surfing earlier and stumbled on a local Surplus/Preppers supply store in my neighborhood that I had no idea existed.

It was a very round about discovery too.

I stumbled onto a website called Friend or Foe that lists businesses by zip code that are 2nd amendment friendly.

Just for shits and grins I typed in my zip code and then zoomed in a little bit and lo and behold there is a little green flag on the map listing a place called Southwest Washington Surplus.
From their website:

Southwest Washington Surplus is your one-stop store. We are your local outdoors store. You will find Army/Navy surplus, emergency preparedness supplies, firearms, and wilderness adventure equipment for hunters, hikers, and campers. Visit us to see our constantly changing inventory.


Never knew they existed yet I must have driven by there a hundred times. They are off the main drag a bit in a warehouse area.
They are about five minutes away from where I live so I decided to swing by and see what I could see after browsing their website.
ammo boxsurplus

I was pleasantly surprised.
Everyone there is very friendly and helpful and they truly have surplus military goods as advertised along with goodies for people who are trying to find emergency preparedness items.

They have local law enforcement and Emergency medical people for customers also and that speaks volumes to me that they have quality products and service.
If they don’t have what you are looking for, they will find it.
That, is customer service my friends.

Yes, they also have firearms and related items for sale too.

They are a licensed dealer and can help you with the paperwork when transferring purchases from out of state.
They are also affiliated with the American Preppers Network and that is a national organization with extremely helpful information and networking.

I did some browsing and talked to a nice lady who was quite knowledgeable and was quick to offer helpful information about everything I was interested in.
My bad, I forgot to get her name but I will be back and introduce myself properly.

I also talked with another man who’s name I did catch, Dean.
That one will be easy for me to remember as it is my middle name!

Dean said that they have been in this location for about a year and have been expanding ever since.
He also said that there was even more merchandise that they were in the process of stocking the shelves with.
A nice guy and a veteran too.

I would not hesitate to recommend this outfit which is why I am posting this to spread the word for any local people who happen to read this Blog.

I know there are a few of ya because my Sitemeter tells me you stop by.
So go help yourselves and our local economy when you need a few things and tell them the Ornery Bastard sent ya.


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