We Haz New Pope

Breaking News.

Watching it on the Tee Vee right now, waiting to see who just got the nod to be in charge of herding that bunch of pedophiles.

The bells are ringing, the white smoke is billowing and several hundred thousand people are celebrating.
Of course the Tee Vee news people have cut into normal programing to hype the living shit out of this.

pope smoke

I must be getting old, I know I have gotten cynical. I was raised Catholic and was baptized when I was about ten. Went to a parochial school for a couple of years and I was even an altar boy, believe it or not.
I can remember when Pope Paul the second got elected back in the day.

You would think I should be at least passingly interested in this momentous occasion.

I guess you could say that I am not a big fan of organized religion.
I have my beliefs but the Catholic church has lost it’s way and it’s sheperds have demonstrably and knowingly failed to protect it’s most vulnerable adherents from systemic sexual abuse over a long period of time.

Hopefully this new Pope will start at the top and work his way down rectifying that situation.

He certainly has some big Prada’s to fill.

I gotta give these people credit for one thing, they have turned this into a drama queens wet dream.
Lots of pomp and circumstance. So far it’s been an hour since they sent up the smoke signal and it has been non stop media circus since then.
pope crowd

Oh slam! They were just interviewing some guy there on vacation from New England and he said that he hopes the newbie starts making the church live up to it’s own standards.

That pretty much says it all right there.

The more interviews I see the more I am hearing a decided theme to the responses, People want the Pope to modernize the church and it’s attitudes.

I have some bad news for you folks, that ain’t gonna happen.
Sure, they have Twitter accounts and all that happy shit but the church is most decidedly hard wired in it’s outlook.

The wife has had enough and just changed the channel.

I guess I will have to find a live feed here on the internets.

OK, as much as it pains me to have to rely on the MSM for anything, ABC has a live stream going, that didn’t take long.

Here we go….

And the winner is,,,, Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina.
The first Jesuit and the first South American Pope.

He has chosen the name Pope Francis.


Good luck dude and may The Force be with you.
I’m outta here.

Heh, a quick update.
I just scooped the LA Times.
I posted this five minutes before they sent out their Email alert.


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