What The Hell….

It’s been a long time since I put up a picture of a little cutie so I figure I’ll give ya three beauties today.
I ain’t in the mood for ranting, too fucking tired from working my ass off lately.
So here ya go.




Now ya can’t say I never did anything nice for you ungrateful sonsabitches.


8 thoughts on “What The Hell….

      1. I understand that you are upset that I would “stoop so low” as to post some photographs of professional models who get paid to look that way and do so of their own free will.
        All three of those young ladies are models, not some random picture of some random lady.
        As for belonging in a mens rest room, you did happen to notice the title of this Blog?
        Yes ma’am, I am a full grown adult male who naturally enjoys looking at pretty ladies.
        I do believe that is a normal trait for a heterosexual male.
        The fact that I posted them on my personal weblog because I was too lazy to write anything of substance is my decision to make.
        If that upsets you then as much as it pains me to lose a long time reader I can merely suggest you exercise your option to point your mouse on the little red “X” in the top right hand corner and not subject yourself to things that bother you unnecessarily.

        Thank you for stopping by and thank you for leaving your opinion.
        Best regards,

        Phil (Bustednuckles)

    1. It’s no problem and I thank you for reminding me to have some kind of standards.

      I have always consciencely tried to avoid gratuitous nudity, if people want that it is all too easy to find somewhere else.

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