We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone

How many times have you seen that little sign at places like grocery stores , restaurants or shops?

It is a seldom exercized freedom to be sure but as the proprietor of a business you do have that right.

It seems that about 120 gun and accessory manufactures have decided to band together and do just that, to government and law enforcement agencies in states who have passed laws limiting average citizens ability to own firearms. The Police Loophole website has an updated list of participants.

Not only will they not sell to the government agencies, they have gone so far to deny their products to individual employees of law enforcement agencies.

While the sheer number of businesses deciding not to sell their products to these agencies is quite encouraging, this idea is not a new one.

When California banned his products, clear back in 2002 Ronnie Barrett banned them right back. Barrett is famous for designing and building a hand held Fifty Caliber rifle that kicks serious ass and California police departments were very partial to them. The story goes that after the ban, a police department sent one in for repairs and he sent it right back telling them to pound sand because of the ban. Wouldn’t even sell them the parts to let someone else fix it.
Here is Ronnie Barrett’s recent official statement:

Barrett’s Position Regarding the Assault on Liberty
February 20, 2013

Barrett opposes those who are illegally disarming the American public from their efficient arms and creating superior armed elitist government agencies.

Elected state officials of New York, having been sworn to protect our Constitution, have instead committed an offense against it and their citizens by stripping inalienable rights duly protected and guaranteed under the Second Amendment. By their deliberate and sinister actions, these officials now cause their state and local policing agencies to enforce these unconstitutional and illegal so called “laws”.

By current law, Barrett cannot be an accomplice with any lawbreaker, therefore, cannot and will not service or sell to New York government agencies. Barrett also applies this stance to the individual elected official who, as a matter of public record, has voted for or created regulation that violates the constitutional rights of their citizens. This is an expansion of our 2002 ban against the California government due to their second amendment infringements, and shall apply to any future violators.

In the course of world history there have been officials that strip inalienable rights from the people that were given to all by our Creator. Most of these officials inevitably come to trial, some do not.

Intentionally violating constitutional rights by officials that have sworn to uphold them should have severe prison sentences.

With the clear vision of horrible events in history repeating itself, all manufacturers of firearms or related equipment remaining in partnership with such violators should have a respectable fear of being found with the guilty on their day of trial.

During this era of assault on liberty, Barrett will remain steadfast in our efforts to serve law-abiding citizens of all fifty states, and stands together with you in the struggles we will fight and win.

Ronnie Barrett
Chairman and CEO

While there is no shortage of businesses who will continue to sell to anyone with the money, like Remington and Ruger for example, this will take it’s toll eventually.
This is war of attrition writ large.
Guns wear out, they break and enforcement agencies buy new ones all the time.
With manufactures already back ordered for up to a year or better, the choices start getting slimmer and slimmer.

What I would really like to see is a long list of ammunition producers joining this list.
That, would get their fucking attention!

One thing is for sure, the recent spate of gun control laws and all those in the pipeline have brought together not only serious business entities but average citizens and in concert this represents a serious pushback.
Companies are going so far as to physically pick up and move their businesses out of states who have recently passed restrictives laws, taking jobs and tax revenue with them.

Magpul, a big name accessory manufacturing company, has decided to move out of Colorado because recent laws passed make it illegal for citizens of that state to buy the products produced there.
They are also on the list not selling to law enforcement in banning states.

In February, gun accessory manufacturer Magpul Industries announced it would leave Colorado if Democrats pushed through a ban on magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. The company told Gov. Hickenlooper and gun-grabbing Dems, “If you pass this, we will leave, and you will own it.”

Not only are they moving, with the recent buying frenzy, Magpul has a back order on the magazines it produces but put out an advertisement saying it would stop filling orders it had already received to allow citizens of Colorado to buy as many magazines as they wanted before the new ban took effect and would ship to them first.
That is a serious statement and I don’t care where you are, a major tax paying company very publicly up and moving out of state because of politically motivated laws being passed will get wide attention.

This issue isn’t going away any time soon but this underscores that there are repercussions to rushing in and passing laws restricting things without thinking of possible ramifications.

I fully support these decisions by these businesses to use perfectly legal actions in response to what I consider to be egregious restrictions on perfectly legal products.
Redefining what is and isn’t a legal product by rushing in nilly willy and passing feel good laws that will do absolutely nothing to reduce gun violence should have negative side effects and these will definitely leave a mark.


5 thoughts on “We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone

  1. I’m encouraged that more have joined the fight. Some well known names there, but I don’t see the big boys -too bad those companies are now run by bean counters. I miss characters like old Bill Ruger, rest his soul.

  2. Interesting that you mention that sign. That sign was everywhere in the South when I was growing up. It was mostly used to refuse service to black people who walked into a white-owned business, and eventually caused most of those white-owned businesses to go belly-up once state-sanctioned discrimination was killed off by the Civil Rights Act. That sign is why you will rarely find a mom-and-pop store in the American South today.

    Any business that refuses to sell to people with money — lots of money, in the case of New York State — is a business that’s on its last legs. That’s why major corporations doing business in the South begged, behind closed doors, for the U.S. governments to pass a Civil Rights law that outlawed discrimination against black people… they saw all that money going to black-owned businesses that they themselves could be raking in, and it made them cry.

    So forgive me if I think these businesses aren’t making a wise choice, because it *will* hurt their bottom line — New York State and its subdivisions probably buy around 15% of the guns bought by police departments nationwide — and there *are* businesses that will happily rake in that 15% and thus be able to undercut their prices with the *other* 85%. Discrimination is simply bad for business, as many a Southern bigot discovered when their non-discriminating competitor was able to undercut their prices by selling to anybody with money rather than just to the “right” people.

    1. badtux,

      Guess I’m living in a different dimension than you,

      Where I live you rarely find a mom-and-pop store in the south today because Walmart put them all out of business. It didn’t have a damn thing to do with right-of-refusal signs. Also, I don’t know of a single business that was crying or begging for anti-discrimination laws to be passed.

      As for hurting their business, I seriously doubt it. Magpul Industries for example has so many orders in the que that theirs profits are guaranteed well into the future. What this really means is that New York will have to buy the “lesser quality.” Seeing as how the Dip-Shit Governor of New York has outlawed — most — weapons for the public the cops don’t really need high quality arms anyway for policing an unarmed population.

      I for one applaud all the arms manufactures that are taking a stand against states with treasonous gun laws.

      I didn’t vote for Obama, I am not a Democrat

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