It’s As Plain As The Nose On Your Face

I have been telling anyone who would listen for years now that this country is going to Hell.

Some of you humor me but I can tell the majority just roll their eyes and whisper behind the backs of your hands.

It can’t be that bad you think.

Well, I really don’t know what else to say here other than open your fucking eyes.

Quit paying the slightest bit of attention to the Main Stream Media, find one of the thousands of alternative news sites and start paying attention to just what in the fuck is really going on around you every fucking day.

Our government is the biggest crime syndicate in history, period.

You, are the fucking patsy.

If you don’t play The Game the way they want, bad fucking things start happening to you.
And don’t think for one God Damn second that they don’t pay attention to what you do.

For fucks sake, wake up.

They watch what websites you visit, they watch where you spend your money and how, they monitor your fucking E-Mail, cell phones and internet habits.

They know so much about you it would make your head spin.

They also could give a rat fuck what happens to you.
Despite their mealy mouth platitudes, pay attention to their actions, two examples for ya in case you are especially thick.
New Orleans and New Jersey.

Katrina and Sandy.

After the complete failure and resulting debacle of Katrina, you would think they would have their shit somewhat together in regards to responding to large natural disasters.

Ask someone who’s house disappeared after Sandy what they think.
It took THREE FUCKING MONTHS for those cocksuckers in Congress to finally decide to ratify a spending package for that when you had thousands of people living in fucking tents in the middle of winter.

Yeah, they care about you.

As a matter of fact, our government has all but declared open war on it’s own citizens but I do believe they are just going to skip that little formality and just keep militarizing and arming every fucking government agency in existence.

They are already using drones, don’t let them kid you.

After The President of America, Barack Obama, just came out and said that he has the authority to assassinate American citizens, without due process and without warning or recourse, any notion of this being a government of laws and not men went sailing out the window at high velocity.

At that point I told myself that all bets are off.

I have been watching the lawlessness get flat out blatant in the last fifteen years and it has gained speed ever since BushCo’s response to September 11th, 2001.
Lawlessness and hostility are what I see in our government and so should you.

When a fucking state governor can outlaw a fucking soda cup, that is a symptom.
When he blatantly and illegally turns law abiding citizens into instant criminals with a hasty, crammed through unconstitutional law outlawing personal defense weapons , there is all the fucking proof of outlaw government you should need to see .

Like I said, quit listening to the bullshit that comes out of their mouths and pay attention to what your lying eyes are telling you.
Disbelief and denial will only get you so far.
Eventually you will see what I have been telling you is true but by then it won’t fucking matter in the least.

Then it will be move along citizen, nothing to see here,by the way, where are your papers?

See what I mean, that is already a reality. Head on down to the Arizona border if you don’t believe me.

You folks have been asleep at the wheel.

It’s not going to get better, as a matter of fact, it will get progressively worse.

You don’t have to listen to me,just go back to watching the flickering box in your front room, everything will be fine.

Just keep telling yourself that.


6 thoughts on “It’s As Plain As The Nose On Your Face

  1. Yes, yes and yes. I knew the drones were here last summer. I live within 2 miles of a nuclear power plant. Jets used to patrol that area. Now it’s a drone. No one believed me when I told them what I saw.
    People are waking up in varying degrees. The system is broken. I wish I could get out of the country. I just want to live, with whatever time I have left, in peace.

  2. You right about that Arizona border.; Me and my crew took a little road trip out to San Diego awhile back; run into two road blocks smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Bunch of gubment boys armed to the teeth. They didn’t ask for my papers, this time.

    I’m really pissed about that mess in New York City/New York and Chicago is more of the same.

    I got my eyes open. It’s not good. And, the far left is trying their collective damnedest to make it worse..

    Still don’t feel like you need an AR-15?

    By the way, I don’t care much for the Hardcore Right either.

    –>>Graduated Phi Theta Kappa, eh! Well done.

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