Read It And Weep

If you are wondering why those of us who have been paying attention have drawn a line in the sand over this latest attempt to subvert our second amendment rights and think we are just unreasonable, paranoid assholes, I want you to go read something and seriously think about what you are reading.

I can already see a bunch of eyeball rolling so knock it off, I am serious.
This not some pick and choose game. If this doesn’t open your eyes then I can’t help you and may your chains set lightly upon you.

The Bill of Rights has already been gutted
and done by design.

The list of transgressions is long and has happened virtually overnight in terms of our history as a country.
Someone has already done our homework for us and written a pretty comprehensive list of these transgressions and I want you to read it and comprehend it.
I want you to wake the fuck up and take a gimlet eye to what is happening in this country while the majority of it’s citizens are either busy voting for their favorite American Idol or bitching about gas prices.

In case you missed the link above, here it is, the frog has been boiled folks and now those of you clamoring to infringe on what is left of the Bill of Rights can see with your own eyes what it is you are asking for.


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17 thoughts on “Read It And Weep

  1. I can hardly wait for some Melvin Milquetoast to say it: “all we are asking are for some reasonable gun laws”

    Get a fucking clue while you still have chance, please.

  2. I have seen and known this since the early 90’s, 911 accelerated the death of our Constitution ten fold. Done in by both Neo-Cons on the right,and Communist-liberals on the left.

    I have been 99% prepared for at least four years now. If and/or when the time comes that I may have to uphold the oath of enlistment that I swore to along time ago, then so be it. Till then, I will continue on with my life as is. My house is paid for, as my mid-sized SUV and Honda Rebel motorcycle. I work in the health care field which has been recession resistant to me, hell, I have to turn down on average about 10-20 hours of overtime every two weeks. it just isn’t worth it to kill your self over that bigger pay check when your bills are paid and I have no debts. I am far from rich, but I can’t complain about my financial status.

  3. Fine. The Constitution is an immutable unchanging document, you can therefore have as many muzzle loading blunderbusses you want.

    Zero Hedge is one of the Blogs run by Financial Titans that blames Blacks and Poor People for causing the Housing Crash, Meltdown and Republican Recession because the Rich are better than everyone.

    1. Link any article from Zero Hedge that blames the Blacks and poor people for the Housing crash. Tyler Durden is not a financial titan, but a Libertarian that has gone after the conservative right just as much as he goes after the liberal bs that they spout off.

      The Housing crash was caused by the To Big To Fail Banks that made loans to the Subprime borrowers, a group that is made up of any one with a sub par credit rating, which encompases alot of the middle class. If the banks had checked that the borrower could pay back the loans, then the housing crash would have never had happened.

      As for your “We can have all the muzzle-loading blunderbusses we want” is the sole reason that I left the Democrate party years ago, and I will stay away from the Dems intill they change their stance on the 2nd Ammendment.

  4. “all we are asking are for some reasonable gun laws”. There. Happy, Moe? We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one, ‘Nucks. This debate has been diverted from the real issues of banning certain weapons and paraphernalia by the bigger issue of … fuckin’ …. MONEY! Gun manufacturers, lobbyists and the NRA all are using Nationalist tactics to make you THINK it’s about repealing the Second Amendment. The truth is that even with banning flash suppressor type weapons and large quantity magazines there will still be over 2200 types of firearms available. The Gub’mint ain’t coming for your guns. “all we are asking are for some reasonable gun laws”. Want a quote? Here’s a recent quote by a dear friend that explains the “from my cold dead hands” phenomenon : ” Guys with small peckers have to carry the biggest guns, drive the biggest pick up trucks, and demonstrate their flag-wavy fervor at every opportunity, lest someone suspect they’re overcompensating for something.America doesn’t need gun control, it needs therapy for mass penis envy manifesting itself as the 2nd Amendment and self-defense.”
    Do you really NEED that AK or that AR-15 with the30 round magazine? How about the Glock model 30 with a 50 round magazine? Do you really NEED those things or are you overcompensating for something? Because,Shit … if you really NEED those things because you’re afraid your Gub’mint is trying to … fuckin’ … overthrow YOU …. then you better go ahead and buy a tank … and plenty of shoulder fired missiles, too! And since the Gub’mint does most of it’s killing by remote control today, better get an Ack-Ack emplacement as well. Aren’t those things covered by the Second Amendment? Can you call yourself a member of a “Well regulated Militia”? In real life not just in your “mind”.
    The John Adams quote you posted was made in 1776 BEFORE the Revolutionary War and was aimed at Tories and rich business owners who were suckling the British teat and against declaring independence from them. It was US … or THEM … in those days. It’s still a “WE The People” situation today; unless of course, you’re talking about armed Revolution and then I guess it WILL be an US or THEM situation ….. signed
    Marvin Milqutoast
    Multiple Gun Owner, Viet Nam Veteran, Defender Of The Constitution Of The United States Of America, and Raiders Fan (to the BONE!)

    1. Dang BJ/Mevin Milquetoast

      I do appreciate you identifying my needs and short comings, that was real almost white of you. Guess I’ll be out this weekend looking for a dick-extension and a GLOCK M-30.

      Actually, I am a lot more worried about protecting me and mine in a Hip-Hop Zombie Apocalypse than I am about da Gubment. The Feds will have their hands plenty full if the “dole” gets cut off for any reason. I think they’re already planning for such an event — civil unrest.

      You better buy yourself a few hundred extra rounds, if you can find them, and one of those evil 30 round mags, assuming you have something to put it in. Or, just show any flash mobs you run into a picture of Dianne Feinstein, that’ll throw the fuckers off their game.


      1. Well, I wasn’t speaking about you, specifically, Moe, but if the foo shits …
        let me see if I understand you correctly, here. You believe there CAN be a Zombie Apocalypse, and you’re ESPECIALLY a’skeered of the “Hip Hop” variety, Flash Mobs, and Dianne Feinstein, you believe the New World Order civil unrest conspiracy theory and since you just called me “almost white” you’re a Racist asshole as well. You’re against Universal background checks, too Amirite? That about cover why YOU need a quad 50, bunkie? Instead of bolstering your argument with facts and logic, you display the perfect example of an idiot who shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun of any kind. Enjoy yer WEAKend shopping!

      2. More like a Yee-Haw Zombie Apocalypse if your scenario holds true. More white people on the “dole” than others.

    2. I can certainly agree to disagree, I ain’t looking for an echo chamber and welcome different viewpoints. I try not to take any comments too personal.
      Just so ya know, I’m not a “gun nut”.
      If I thought I need an assault weapon I would have had one years ago but I don’t.
      I am fervently against any more erosion of my God given rights though. That is one of the reasons I started this blog seven years ago this month.
      That and I was incensed by the lawlessness of the Bush administration, who, in my opinion, are responsible for the most egregious bloody boot prints all over that “God damn piece of paper” they also swore to uphold.
      Obama is quickly moving into first place though.
      When he declared himself having the ability to target individuals for assassination he crossed the line.
      I am also not into conspiracy theories but the reality today is that our government is openly hostile to it’s own citizens.
      I am more worried about getting shot by an over zealous local cop than I am anything else at this point.
      So we can agree to disagree on this matter and it won’t hurt anything.
      I will still put my opinions out there and anyone can feel free to disagree with them.
      A person has to be a serious asshole around here before I will go so far as to delete any comments but of course, some jerkoffs have crossed that line before.

      Keep on keepin’ on dude and as always, thanks fer stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.
      Yer alright.

      1. Thanks ‘Nucks like I said I respect your opinions (that’s why I come by here!) and we can amicably agree to disagree. By the way, I AM a gun nut, have a permit to carry and own multiple weapons. But in no way do I believe, in my heart, that the Second Amendment guarantees that I can own an AK-47 or an AR-15, Tanks, Missiles, Drones, Chemical or Nuclear weapons. Nor do I believe that the Government is trying to take my personal protection firearms away. I DO believe, however, that there are puh-LENTY of misguided and questionably cognitive folks out there WUSHIN’ they had ALL of those weapons. Those are the ones that need to be weeded out from the Law abiding gun owners, and the NRA (et al) is using FEAR and HATE to foment those law abiding folks to spread it’s message and keep the CASH rollin’ in. Sorry for hijacking your conversation, and thanks again for the kind werds. When the Hip Hop Zombie Apocalypse comes …. you will be spared!

  5. I “DO” believe, in my heart, that the Second Amendment “DOES”guarantee that I can own an AK-47 or an AR-15, Tanks, Missiles, ect…. It’s wallmart technology folks, easy to replicate at will.
    I ” DO” believe, that the Government is trying to take my personal protection firearms away.
    I ” DO” believe, “IF” you do nothing, these rights will be taken away from you for your own protection of course.
    I ” DO” believe, That if the government stays it’s present course then they “Will Not Be The Lawful Government of our nation”…
    And that last Means “anyone” who tries to enforce those rules are “Meat” for any mans axe. They are criminals and should be exterminated with extreme prejudice, For the people by the people. Pick a side…..
    Welcome to my blogroll.

  6. Should I really be afraid? When beside the ban on machine guns in the 1930s and the brady bill now expired, has the government taken away your second amendment rights? Fucking never. How in the hell I we even talking about this. Ah I know, the fucking manufactures of the fucking weapons. If your afraid, you’ll buy more guns more ammo and poof they make more money. Buy your guns if you will I say, I have. But don’t for one second tell me what I should be afraid of, because at that point your view is debunked and your just a shill lemming for the greedy fucks that are not intrested in your rights, just your money.


  7. When some of us see shit like this — — we become concerned or more concerned or maybe even a little afraid. This ain’t got jack-shit to do with gun manufacturers goosing us to buy more hardware. There are people in our government that would like us disarmed — that crazy bitch Dianne Feinstein is one of them and she is not alone. Far as I can tell every second yellow dog Democrat must have wet dreams about a gun free America.

    I do not believe Busted is a shill for the ass-lickers; I fell certian he’s just a pal trying to enlighten his readers. I appreciate his efforts.

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