Shirley, They Can’t Be Serious

I have only been paying half assed attention to the latest political drama that has been unfolding for the last two years.
Yeah, this sequestration bullshit has been building for two fucking years for them to get to this point.

You would think that a large room full of adults just might be able to solve a budget disagreement in that time period but it seems we are dealing with a bunch of spoiled children instead.

Two years.

They should all get walking papers, all of them.

After the high drama of the Fiscal Cliff at the end of last year, I pretty much had my fill of these arrogant cocksuckers.

Since then Congress seems to have split in two with one half busy as love starved ferrets humping a hamster to death trying to find ways to illegally limit our second amendment rights and the other half squabbling about who is to blame for this fine mess they find themselves in.
Obama is just as bad, if not worse.
He is pointing fingers and sending out his minions trying to pin the blame on the Republicans and in the mean time the big picture I am seeing is looking like this;

The thing that is really interesting about this whole scare campaign both sides have going on is that of all of the possible budget cuts they are pointing their trembling fingers at, meat inspections and air traffic controllers are two government controlled agencies that directly affect the health and safety of a very large segment of our society.

You do notice that billion dollar subsidies for large oil companies are not even mentioned? HMMM?

It is this little noticed disparity that causes me not to take these drama queen motherfuckers serious, because they can’t be serious about the budget deficit if they continue to throw tax payer monies at corporations who’s quarterly profits are measured in the billions of dollars.
Another reason to yawn in their faces are the large companies who make millions and millions of dollars every year who not only not pay one thin dime in taxes, they get tax refunds, in the millions of dollars!

But no, Congress will not, do the right thing and will,at every turn, continue to fuck over the American public in favor of big business and the Military Industrial Complex.
Speaking of evil sonsabitches, the Defense budget is going to get a miniscule amount of money trimmed out of their budget to make it seem to the gullible fucking idiots in this country that they are sharing in the pain at the pocket book.

Let me tell you a fact.
The whole of our military and national defense forces combined waste that amount of money on a monthly basis.
All you have to do is start crunching numbers and looking at all the obsolete programs they are still funding and you will find a tidy chunk of real money.
Or, take a close look at the F-35 fighter jet program and see what a colossal waste of money that whole thing has turned into.
Same thing with the Osprey’s.
The fact that they kept that program alive is nothing short of criminal.

So you will just have to excuse me if I am not jumping up and down screaming at the top of my lungs in frustration at this latest political farce.
These corrupt motherfuckers have had many, many opportunities to avoid this scenario yet here we are again.
I have one word for these assholes.



5 thoughts on “Shirley, They Can’t Be Serious

  1. Get all the Pork Barrel spending out … and things will become much clearer. Much of the sequester consequence is just that! Over The Falls, I say! (and Onward Through The Fog!)

  2. Agree with everything said so far. Am watching the Ed Show and an interesting point was just made: Boner claims (endlessly) that the House has passed two bills and the Senate should get off of their collective asses. Truth is:. The two bills he talks about were passed during the last session of Congress and DIED with that session. I am so disgusted that none of the facts about these fucking liars is seen on the MSM. NOT ONE FUCKING WORD.

  3. Thank you for this. There are so few who are pointing out this truth, sigh. The “Big boys” are getting their million dollar refunds and making record profits, while telling us peons they need to cut our hours “because of their operating costs”. And then we get called “takers” for getting a measly couple of hundred in refunds because they took too much out of our checks in taxes over the year.

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