Watch, Listen And Be Amazed

I just kept muttering Holy Shit to myself the whole time I watched this.
Talk about cognitive dissonance.
A pretty blonde English lady just wailing the Blues on a guitar caused me to experience incongruity something fierce.
She is good, no doubt about it, great even.
I see very big things in this lady’s future.
If I am a really, really good boy, may the Good Lord let me live long enough to see her and Warren Haynes jam together!
Please let me introduce you to Joanne Shaw Taylor.I hear shades of Jimi and Stevie Ray for sure.

I would like to thank The Silicone Graybeard for turning me on to this.
Expect to see more of her here later.


11 thoughts on “Watch, Listen And Be Amazed

  1. Damn good Busted, and I have a feeling that she will be jammin’ with the best of them.

    As a side note, why is the genre of Blues/Rock the only genre that is giving birth to the trully talented players and singers while the main stream sh*t that is called music today is giving us the Lady GaGa’s and God only knows what else concerning the modern music scene?

    1. Because the Pablum drinking motherfuckers wouldn’t know good music if it kicked them right in the fucking nuts.
      I blame that Rap horseshit. Those punk ass peckerheads couldn’t carry a tune in a fur lined bucket and that’s what all these younger people grew up with.
      Their loss is all I can say. I absolutely love the Blues and that shit has been around for over seventy years now.

      1. Ya know, now that I have pondered that question for quite a while, I have come to the conclusion that a person has to have an Old Soul, one that has been around a while, to be able to appreciate The Blues.

        Lucky us.

  2. She WAILS!! Great GOODness! Girl can Play AND Sing! Yer right about the Blues, too … it ain’t somethin’ you play … until you LIVE it!
    Thanx for postin’ this!

  3. My cat was fascinated by her hair swaying back and forth. Usually he isn’t interested in music videos at all :).

    BTW, there’s a *lot* of good music out there today. Most of it, however, you have to dig around on YouTube to find, ’cause it sure the heck ain’t gonna be on no ray-dee-oh or tee-vee.

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