I Have Been Happier Than A Pig In Shit All Day

Yep, it was a good day today. I’ll save the best part for last though.
I spent the whole day out in the Man Cave doing what some people call puttering but I use the phrase my Dad always uses, “piddle fartin’ around”.
It is officially a Man Cave too. My wife gave me a metal sign for my birthday. It’s about three feet long, black with silver letters and you guessed it, the Raiders emblem in the middle.
It is proudly displayed and you can’t miss it. My Man Cave.

Anyways, I am a serious Pack Rat and have shit laying around in piles for months. Every once in a while I would go out and rearrange shit but I never seemed to make much headway because I have more stuff than will fit nicely in half of a small two car garage.
Mainly because my 64 Sprite is in there taking up space.

I basically have it full of tool boxes and other stuff but I also basically have my very own personal hardware store stashed around in there.
You know those plastic parts organizers with all the little drawers that look like this?

parts bin

I have several. All different kinds and shapes and they are all full.
Fifteen of the motherfuckers to be exact.

I had a bunch of them in storage over at my Uncles place for a few years and while that was a good thing, it had it’s bad side too.

You see, I actually use that stuff for my little projects.
For the past couple years, damn near every time I went to do something I would go tearing through all my shit looking for this or that little Doo dad because I knew God DAMN well I had one somewhere!
After inevitably scattering shit all over , it would dawn on me that this particular Doo Dad I am looking for is in one of my little parts drawers over at my Uncles place.
This would irritate the shit out of me because now I have to go buy more of the fucking things.
Of course when you are talking shit like deck screws or rivets or nails, you can’t just buy two or three at a time, oh fuck no.
You gotta buy a box of the fuckers.
Which, of course, leaves you with another bunch of crap to find a place to rat hole, which, of course, leads to having to buy more of these fucking things,
parts bin

This how you wind up with fifteen of the cocksuckers.
Did I mention they are all pretty much full?

I was out there all damn day sorting through those things, mounting some on the wall because there isn’t anywhere else to put them.
I guarantee you, if you had to count every single screw, nut, bolt, washer, thingamajig, rivet, cotter pin, nail and other assorted little bits, there would easily be anywhere from ten to fifteen THOUSAND little pieces.

But, I am making progress, I can see the tops of two tool boxes and my work bench now.

The real reason today was such a good day is that before I started in on the little stuff, I did something I have been wanting to do for ages.

I have a Kenwood stereo system out there that I had literally hanging in between two shelves to keep it from falling down just so I could have some tunes out there. The radio stations around here suck monkey balls, seriously. Bad.
Amongst all this other shit I have taking up space out there is my record collection that I have drug through three states and stored in some horrible fucking places off and on .
I have had most of these for between twenty and thirty years now. The wife has been on my ass from the minute she saw them for me to go through them and get rid of a bunch and THAT is not going to fucking happen.
We go round and round about them but I ain’t budging a fucking inch on that subject. It took me years and years and thousands of fucking dollars to amass those sonsabitches.
I haven’t had a turn table for years now but I keep those fucking records.

Today I finally hooked up a di-rect-drive motherfucking turn table, went through the speakers I had until I found a pair that worked decent and started in.
Yeah baby, I has real tunes again!
The turntable was one high end motherfucker in it’s day and it works great. Has a good cartridge and needle and is so fucking accurate it is scary. I need to find a new cover for it but it looks just like this one.

No fucking belt to worry about with direct drive, these things are the shit!

Now I can start hauling those boxes full of albums out and cull the ones that are fucked up.
In the mean time I am loving being able to listen to all those old tunes.
There are probably five hundred albums out there. Everything from Paul Revere and the Raiders to rare Iron Maiden EP’s that are full size records that you have to play at 45 rpm’s instead of 33 1/2.
I better start looking for a new needle now!


9 thoughts on “I Have Been Happier Than A Pig In Shit All Day

    1. I have heard you can do that but you have to have a special turntable. Definitely going to have to explore that. I have some fairly rare stuff and lots of variety too. Of course now every bit of it counts as being “Oldies”! LMAO.

      1. I used a program called Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 2005. Ran a standard Technics belt-drive turntable through a receiver/amp (equipped with “phono” pre-amp goodies) as normal and then ran the output from the amp through an RCA cable/stereo mini-jack into the microphone input on the back of my computer.

        The Magix program lets you clean up the audio (some scratches/pops/hiss…not all) and master the shit until you get it sounding the way you want.

        It was a time-consuming labor of love.

        I burned all the audio on to CDs, then ripped that shit into MP3s.

        I have damn near my entire vinyl and factory CD collection on my iPod Touch.

        A party in my pocket… 😀

  1. A couple years ago I bought one of those cheap all in one record, tape, CD, mp3, radio players. Surprisingly good service out of it. Those old LPs bring back some great memories. One of the big losses of the digital age is all the cool album art.

    1. Yes, it is a shame. Not quite the same thing on a CD cover, ya have to get out a magnifying glass.

      I have an old STYX album that was the very first laser etched vinyl record. It is cool as hell when you tilt it at different angles and let the light play on it.

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