Needed; Personal Radio Frequency Jamming App.

If you think mosquito season can be bad, wait until you see this.


Now the Military Industrial Complex is developing Micro Air Vehicles, tiny bug sized flying drones that have the capability of spying, tracking and delivering tiny payloads of death that can be released in swarms that you won’t even notice if they are five feet away.

I think it’s safe to say that’s kicking it up a notch.

While everyone is all up in arms about the local cop shop using a little helicopter to keep tabs on ya or those  well known Predator drones dropping a Hellfire missile into your outdoor wedding reception because your crazy uncle has raised the ire of the government and finally put himself out in the open for a clean shot, these little bastards can zip into your god damn house just like a common house fly and sit there for days transmitting your every move to some nerd with a joystick and a monitor clear across the country.

Someone needs to come up with the next generation Bug Zapper to counter this bullshit and It may have to involve a tiny, localized EMP.

If it has electronics, it has a vulnerability somewhere.

They are going to have a tiny electrical footprint but there has to be a way to detect and destroy the little sonsabitches someway.

I’m counting on someone with good old American ingenuity to come up with a counter measure that I can download. Maybe an electronic spider with an electronic web and radio active fangs to give it the bite.

The Orkin dude is going to have to step up to the plate here when I tell him I want the place fumigated.



3 thoughts on “Needed; Personal Radio Frequency Jamming App.

  1. google DIY railgun. Look for one of the little ones using photo flash capacitor( x 12 ) bank. Load with graphite armature/projectile. don’t worry as the graphite will vaporize into plasma as it is shot.( in a big purple flash) At the muzzle end make two projections from the rails looking like a tight zigzag antenna like about 1.5 inches long ( or a caduceus coil )…. shoot it at small sacrificial things like transistor radios and observe the reaction. tweek as needed for range. congratulations, you have a portable emp device. I found this out the hard way when playing with high voltage experiments and trashing my solid state test gear. The little bug drone can be taken down with just a big bug zapper anyhow. Ponder me this, drones are ineffective against a technically advanced enemy. They can be taken out by toys made from instructables. mileage may vary.

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