A Little After Action Analysis

Now that the current round of murder and mayhem is over down in LA, we can stop and sort out some truly serious issues we saw regarding the actions of the Los Angeles Police Department in their admittedly urgent attempts to locate and terminate Chris Dorner’s killing rampage.

Before I go any farther I want to make one thing very clear.

I DO NOT condone one damn thing that Chris Dorner did, period.

The man killed innocent people who’s only tenuous relationship to his vendetta was that they happened to be related to one of his alleged detractors.

There is no excuse for that.

If you have a beef with someone, you don’t go after their relatives.

I don’t condone shooting people anyway except in self defense.

Speaking of shooting people, The LAPD did their fair share of doing the same damn thing, shooting people with no relationship to either party, out of fear, plain and simple.

They committed the cardinal sin of proper gun control, know what you are shooting at and what is behind it.

Seeing the picture of the pick up the two hispanic ladies were in, delivering fucking newspapers, it is plain as the nose on your face the cops did not positively identify who was in the truck or even try.

They just pulled up behind it and started shooting.

That right there was your clue as to how this whole thing was going to turn out.

They did not want Chris Dorner to be arrested,tried and convicted for his crimes. He had already had judgement passed for killing cops. His sentence was death and that was that.

I see where Los Angeles bought the two ladies a new truck. That’s good, they are going to need it to carry all the money they are going to get after they sue the living shit out of the LAPD.

I still haven’t heard of any charges being filed against the police officers who tried to kill them.

I would think just blasting away at the wrong people and actually shooting one without provocation or justification would be a criminal act.

Like I said, I’m still waiting but I ain’t holding my fucking breath.

There were other “incidents” scarily like this also.

Another guy down in Torrance CA also had some cops start pumping lead at him, in yet another case of mistaken identity.

See a pattern of behavior here yet?

Now let’s fast forward to Chris Dorners last day alive, after he has had hundreds and thousands of police officers using fucking drones and every thing they can get their hands on, they finally corner him in someones cabin out in the boonies after he shoots two more cops and manages to kill one of them.

By now, these police officers are understandably quite upset.

What they do next is something I think should be reviewed by legal experts for years to come.


They had him trapped and surrounded. They brought in an armored attack vehicle and started to dismantle the fucking building around him, decided that wasn’t good enough and then threw in several “tear gas cannisters” that were known to be incindiary and burned the fucking thing down to the ground  with him inside.They now deny burning it down on purpose, even though I have heard the audio myself of the police yelling to “burn the motherfucker down”.

So what did we just learn from all this?


That cops are human. Their “professional training”  goes out the fucking window when they feel threatened.

You, as a law abiding citizen, have just been given a lottery ticket to see whether or not any of the wild ass shots they are throwing around in their panic has your fucking name on it.

They will kill your fucking ass without blinking and worry about covering their asses later.

They are successful at covering their asses after doing obviously illegal deeds.

That the LAPD is just as fucking crooked and fucked up as it was clear back when they damn near beat Rodney King to fucking death.

That money is no object to them,lawsuits are no deterrent and if you piss them off enough, they will hunt your ass down and kill you in any way possible.

That they are not immune to a mob mentality.


We also learned that they are not near as omnipotent as they would like you to believe.

All of this mayhem was in reaction to the acts of one man.

He wasn’t half as bad assed as they would have had you believe, either that or he had some serious bad luck and he still threw a fuck into them that if it hadn’t been so damn dangerous to be around, would have caused fits of laughter and derision.


To be sure, they got their man but it was an abject lesson on just how thin these cops are spread in their abilities to deal with someone who comes hunting for them personally and is damn serious about it.

They aren’t used to that scenario and it scared the living shit right out of ’em.


Just like it would anyone else.





16 thoughts on “A Little After Action Analysis

  1. Now imagine half a dozen Chris Dorners at the same time. One man drove the department to the edge -over it, really.

    LAPD is a trigger happy bunch.

    He was never going to go to trial. Too many embarassing things could come out.

    Yes, Dorners was a whack job, but he didn’t get there over night. He was a product of their system as much as the guys who burned him.

  2. Yeah, Busted, I watched that shit unfold thinking to myself, “Good gods, they are scared shitless and are ready to shoot at anything that moves wrongly.” And I knew Dorner would never see a cell or courtroom. Cops ARE human, and that is fine, as far as it goes…but you know, they supposedly do what they do for a living…for 20 or 30 years. We EXPECT far better behavior in far worse circumstances from soldiers…some of whom only do what they do for FOUR years; we punish the hell out of them for pissing on a corpse.

    So, why oh fucking why do the cops pretty much get a free pass to freak the fuck out and shoot the place up at the very thought of being under fire themselves….by someone who just might be able to shoot straight? The LAPD does have a shitty rep and for good damned reason; and this whole thing played out like an out-take of “Running Man”…..they say they have identified the body by dental records now. But hey, one has to wonder, wouldn’t they say that no matter what they found?

  3. And let’s compare this activity, by trained police persons, with the boiler plate LaPierre keeps spouting off, about how much better we’d all be with more guns, albeit always in the hands of well trained… what…. grannies, drunks, recently fired postmen, jilted lovers, depressed 50-somethings… In short, PEOPLE. It’s kinda too bad Mr. Obama couldn’t have used the several hour pre-SOTU show in his actual section on the need for some minimal weapons control in the US of A. It was there for the asking, a burning house in the woods. Thanks very much for this excellent post tying up important threads that are of course being swept under the MSM’s rug.

    1. Hey Fiddlin Bill,

      Fuck some minimal gun control. Home invasions, car jackings, mall parking lot robberies, drive by shootings and muggings. Just who in the hell is going to protect me and my family if I don’t do it? I’d be half afraid to call the cops. Those boys can’t shoot for shit.


      1. Moe, no one is suggesting that your weapons be confiscated. But if you were as scared as those LA cops that shot up that paper delivery truck, you might well discover after the fact that you’d killed your kid or your wife. People need to discover a way to compromise some on weapons in the US. There’s also a lot of difference between “protecting my family” as (as others object in another post comment thread on this subject here), making it so a particular weapon cannot be sold or inherited–particularly when balanced against the pile of 6-year-olds, for example. We have managed in America to deal with speed limits, automobile licenses and registration, drug prescriptions, and so forth. Yet Congress passed a law which makes even liability suits against gun manufacturers illegal. We’re treating firearms like a Golden Calf.

  4. Moe, There are already “infringements” which apparently you accept, such as no truly automatic weapons, etc. The fact that a “true” machine gun cannot legally be owned by a US citizen, while a 30 round magazine can be so owned, is a matter of degree. It is patently arbitrary, and to make some further limits on what people can legally own is reasonable given the carnage of today.

    1. Fiddlin Bill

      That’s like saying there’s a little sewage in your drinking water, surely you won’t mind if we add a little more.

      It’s by degree that liberals intend on taking my rights, No more, please.

      1. Actually, no, it’s like pointing out that you’ve already allowed gun ownership to be a matter of degree, not an absolute. The sewage is in your argument. Indeed, you’ve already given away the store if you accept that honest, law-abiding citizens aren’t allowed to have fully automatic machine guns, since there’s no doubt that the criminals have them, since the criminals don’t abide by any laws as we all know.

  5. I’m sorry if I’m making you think. As far as I can tell, your “position” is that we have exactly the right “amount” of weapons law at this moment: everything is in perfect equilibrium. Well if that’s true, how exactly do you deal with the mounting pile of tiny bodies? Do they not have any weight at all?

    1. I’m going to jump in here after that little bit.
      It’s patently obvious that the gun control laws already in effect have done nothing to stop “the mounting piles of tiny bodies”.
      Adding more will only make criminals out of law abiding citizens in order to assuage the feelings of helplessness and fear by non gun advocates due to the fact that they “did something”.
      My suggestion is to enforce the myriad laws already on the books. If you can.
      There lies the crux of the biscuit.
      It’s impossible.
      This would then lead to the next item on the agenda which would be a total gun ban which would cause me hours of laughter as there are already more guns in private hands in this country than the arsenals of several large standing armies combined, not to mention gun and ammunition factories running at 100% capacity trying to keep up with current demand.
      My suggestion to you sir, and every other citizen concerned with the proliferation of tragic gun deaths due to illegal weapons is to focus on getting the laws on the books already enforced to the maximum amount possible before throwing more ink on the books in a futile attempt to legislate morality. No offense meant in any way.

  6. This is an easy fix. I disagree with my bro though we do not have the right laws on the books to enforce. Here’s my take. Every proud gun toting owner out there is happy to express his desire to exercise his second amendment rights by whoa to the liberal that tells him all his guns must be registered and insured (liability) due to the fact that most gun related deaths are with legally purchased weapons. Listen, I don’t care if you own a tank but if you do, you are responsible for that gun while it is in your possession and it is your responsiblity if it ever causes harm to another human until you legally transfer it to any person or said gun is distroyed. I’m sick and tired of people saying it’s their right, but are unwilling to open up a conversation about personal responsibility of gun ownership. Well the gun was stolen. didn’t lock it up then the thief killed somebody, that’s not the guns fault, it’s the thief. Bullshit it’s the owner fault as much as the thief and they should be held responsible. How hard is it really. get rid of gun control and instill personal responsibility and accountability. Sandy hook was done with legal guns. Let’s have a discussion that might actually do some good.


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