I’m Beginning To Wonder About Some Of You People


Now I know this isn’t a high traffic site, an average day is between a hundred and a hundred and forty hits, but some of you seem to come here pretty regularly if my stat counter isn’t lying to me.

I appreciate your patronage of course,

So I changed the layout, the white background was getting hard on my eyes so I went over to The Dark Side.


Don’t like?

Could give a fuck, shut up and type?

I do believe it’s time for all you lurking sonsabitches to step up to the plate here .

If ya like it, leave a comment that says Fuck Yea.

If ya don’t like it, leave a comment that says Fuck You.

If ya don’t give a shit, leave a comment that says  Shut up and type, asshole.

It’s an informal poll, if you will, but I am kind of interested in hearing from the people who seem to keep coming back for the abuse.

What I really wanted was a theme that has three columns but the only ones that have that cost serious fucking money and I ain’t paying to Blog.

There is quite the racket out there if you are so inclined.


I’ll give this one day then I will go back about my business, I am thinking there are a few things that need some expletives thrown at them, particularly the LAPD and their recent run amok antics.

That whole police department needs  an overhaul.


So get off your dead asses and start voting.


27 thoughts on “I’m Beginning To Wonder About Some Of You People

  1. I like the light on dark, myself. It is easier on my eyes, too. Life is a bit crazier than the usual over the top norm here just now; it is diverting me from more frequent comments beyond ‘like’ or such on a lot of sites.

  2. Fuck, Yeah! I generally read bogs in RSS, so formatting is lost on me. All I see at my end (unless I click through) is the text. And I generally don’t comment unless I have something of substance, or funny, to add. Basically, I don’t think your posts need anything added by me.

    Been spending this week blogging about Sunset Bay, you may have noticed.

  3. I’m kinda with Sixbears. I read your site for content (which I like), not format.
    It’s your site so I figure you can please yourself about how it looks.
    I don’t comment often because I don’t like repetition – I refuse to keep typing “Good post” or “I agree” over and over.
    You’re doing a fine job IMHO. Keep on keeping on.

  4. you want me to do what?

    sorry but you are just not my species for sex….

    but will add you to the menue if you want…

    you humans are strange…

    1. Looking at the basic layouts wordpress offers, the 5th one from the top, black on light tan, would cut the glare down while still being very readable. I use that as one of my default terminal window color schemes and find it much preferable to black on stark white.

  5. I like it just fine, nothing wrong with older one but changing back will not bother me either.

    I’m one of those lurkers who come by and read and don’t comment – sorry. I think you are doing a fine job, my only complaint is the lack of ‘free cat flying lessons’, your felines hardly get any mentions at all any more.

  6. Fuck you asshole.

    I hate the black background with light type thing. It blows goat ass. Hard.

    The type face needs to be bigger. Old fuckers read this shit you know.

    More scary and threatening pictures…


  7. Never got to see the dark background with light type. I will say this, if you go with a dark background, please use a large white font. The white background I see now is a bit blinding. OTOH, just please keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The black page is harder to maintain…costs more to run the computer or more energy or something like that or rougher on the computer. Sorry, I forgot the article.

    The black page with white type is very hard on my eyes. It hurts to the back of my head. So, I tend not to follow, read, or comment on those blogs.

    As long as you do not insult women as a group or even individually too much, I will read. I do come by at least every other day unless something happens to my computer.

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