You Are Being Played For Chumps

Why is it that when an average citizen owns an AR 15 that has come with a standard thirty round clip for over forty years they are considered to be an “Assault Weapon” but when the Department of Homeland Security orders seven thousand of them all of a sudden they are “Personal Defense Weapons”?
Oh, it’s because they are “The Government”.
That’s fucking different.

Let me ask you something. Just who do you think the government is?

I’m curious.

It seems to me that people talk about “The Government” like it is some nameless, faceless entity who farts rainbows and are merely some group of angelic saviors when it comes to defending the citizens of this country from the hordes of “Evil Doers” they have been talking about for over a decade now that have failed to materialize.

parks and recreation

I have some bad news for you Sunshine.

“The Government” is comprised of people, real people.

People that have children, eat lunch and dinner, bitch about mechanics like everyone else and use the same quilted double ply Charmin to wipe their nasty asses you do.

They, unfortunately, are not infallible nor are they anywhere close to being perfect.
There is also that group who, shall we say, have less than altruistic reasons for working in government.

storm troopers

Just look at career politicians for example.

I think it would be safe to say that there are an inordinate amount of individuals in this group who can be said to have classic cases of narcissism,are control freaks, power junkies and my personal favorite, the world class phsycopaths.
Think Dick Cheney.
People like Donald Rumsfield, George W. and yes, Barack Obama are all what we used to call, civil servants.

The problem we seem to be having is that the higher up the echelons of heirarchy you go,there seems to be more and more of a personal agenda that trumps any notion of using the levers of power for the good of all.
This has been painfully obvious with the stark differences between the two major political parties, in case you haven’t noticed.

What does any of this have to do with the current brouhaha over gun control?


Let me point out to you the cities in this country that have the highest rate of gun crimes also happen to be the cities with the strictest gun control laws and have had these laws passed under Democratic administrations.
I think it is safe to say that these draconian gun laws are a complete and utter failure.
Yet here we are, again, having a national meltdown over gun control,under yet another Democratic administration.

Going full Don Quixote and completely ignoring the fact that prohibition of ANYTHING in this country is doomed to failure. Pick something the government has banned in this country and I will guarantee you that someone, somewhere, has one,up to and including radioactive material.

The media is, as usual, cheer leading this demonstrably ignorant effort instead of doing their fucking jobs and actually reporting on what is happening in this country on a daily basis.

The trial balloons are sent aloft and the reaction gauged accordingly.
They chip away at the stone, doing the administrations bidding every fucking day.

Feinstein’s gun ban is dead in the water, you can forget about that happening, it is the rest of the effort that is what needs watching.
Slowly but surely, “The Government” is strangling the Second Amendment by trying to sway popular opinion.
I have even seen reports that some people don’t think the Second Amendment is enough, they want to repeal the ENTIRE CONSTITUTION!

I have one thing to say about that and I really mean it.
Get the fuck out of my country while you are still able.

So while this “debate” rages on, seemingly ordinary people go to work every fucking day and have access to “Self Defense Weapons” that some people are trying to deny the rest of the citizenry even though it is blatantly unconstitutional because they think the average American can’t be trusted to own and operate the exact same firearm.
“Think of the children”.

I don’t see any guarantee of safety anywhere in the Constitution or any of it’s many amendments.
I do see that I have an inalienable right to life, liberty and to persue happiness, I also have an unalienable right to keep and bear arms while doing it.

Shall not be infringed is plain english and unmistakeable in it’s intent and definition.

When you start hearing arguments about guns being meant for hunting you are hearing the words of someone who has lost the argument before it started.
“Sporting weapons” is another non starter and is another phrase used by agent provocatuers.

Thomas Jefferson knew what he was talking about, fresh from our War of Independence when he said,

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”


“No freeman shall be debarred the use of arms,

Yet to this very day some people just don’t “get” that.
It is too far removed and is ancient history.
History that way too many people in this country are absolutely ignorant about.

I will let you go about your business with a twist on another old quote;
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Don’t forget to bring your fucking musket.

I was rightfully informed that the quote I attributed to TJ above is something he never said by commenter and fellow Blogger Grunge Gene.
I have struck it out but otherwise left it as it was in my original post and have added another Jefferson quote below it that makes my same point.
I apologize for not doing my homework on that and just using it off of a list of Jefferson quotes I received in an email.


29 thoughts on “You Are Being Played For Chumps

    1. Thank you.
      I’m sure I am losing readers by my hammering on this subject but that’s the way it goes.
      I feel it to be an important subject and I have no problem voicing my opinion on it.

      Thanks fer stopping by Sixbears.

  1. Amen bustedknuckles, if they want our country to mirror others, then just leave the US and be done with it – both of us will be happier.

  2. government = a couroupted avenue that with the right amount of money, position, and insanity that has grown from a public trust into an insane stew of rabid emphirism that is a plauge to all free people within the nation and outside of it

    government is that 5 pound pet monkee grown into that 5 ton gorilla that can shit on the public as it likes

    thats why if you have no government you are doing better than having one…….

    it was a good idea one time, but it is very hazardous now….

    and it will kill you in the name of “public good” for any reason why

    you poor humans…

  3. It’s not really cut and dried for me. My father was a hunter and my mother had her pet pistol she kept in her purse. If they both were alive they really wouldn’t understand the fascination with “assault” rifles and why collectors hold onto the things like their balls are attached to them. I have to play devil’s advocate: would it be so terrible if I get to keep daddy’s hunting rifle and mama’s pistol, but I can’t get an AK for love or money?

    1. It shouldn’t have to be an either/or situation. Once you compromise on one style of weapon, the expectation is that you should compromise on any and all weapons when the “rules” are changed. So, getting to keep your parents guns now, in exchange for not having an AK may seem like a good trade off, but it’s not. Feel free to ask me how I know that…

      1. I told the story over on my blog…I played the gov’t’s game, and registered the guns I had-like the good obedient little Canadian girl I was-and then a few years into the scam, got the letter that 2 of my guns had been *ahem* reclassified, and are no longer legal. While I’m “allowed”(and boy, does that make me gag, typing that…”allowed”…fuck) to keep them (for now), when I die, my heirs must submit them for destruction.
        In my experience, anytime a gun owner is willing to compromise, they’re going to get screwed, because once is never going to be enough for the rat bastards.

      2. Set up a loudspeaker at a kid’s soccer match at a public park and start preaching Jesus at the spectators. You’ll be arrested for disorderly conduct and disturbing the almighty peace before you get the second “Amen!” out. So does that mean that free speech is no longer possible in America? Does the fact that one kind of speech — amplified speech in a public place — is regulated mean that free speech no longer exists? Curious penguins are… curious!

      3. Badtux, I get your point already. The thing is, this gun ban bullshit punishes 99.5% of law abiding citizens. The ratio of abusers to the total population is miniscule.

  4. That Jefferson “quote” is false. First appeared in 1989.

    As to Guns. Well, here’s the problem I don’t trust citizens to properly maintain and contain their weaponry. And an AR-15 is “high powered” in the sense that it can take lives easily anyone arguing it’s not high-powered because it doesn’t have the stopping power of an elephant gun is either being disingenious or a Gun Nutter.

    Gun owners need to prove twice a year that they maintain positive control on their guns

    But, they way to stop the gun violence is to make the Gun Makers liable if a product they created took life. Billions in lawsuits will cause them to police their product more closely than anyone else.

    As for the HOLY Second Amendment I’m all for Strict Originalist Interpretation.

    You can have as many Muzzle loading blunderbusses and cutlasses as you want. Hell, if you want to own a Frigate with 6 pound cannon go ahead. The Holy Seocnd Amendment has NO bearing on the current problem.

    And the guarantee of safety is in the Declaration in my rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    1. I can’t account for the veracity of the quote right this minute, I copied it from a list of quotes I got in an email.
      I will look into that, thank you for bringing it to my attention.
      As for holding gun manufacturers responsible for the actions of the end user of a product, I will politely hold my laughter and point to hammer manufacturers and the deaths caused by them that out number “high powered” rifle deaths.
      As for the Second Amendment covering modern weapons, the Supreme has already stated that this is the case just as modern media is covered by the First.

      I can appreciate your point of view and am not “picking on you” by any means, just clarifying a few points.

      Thanks fer stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.

      1. I don’t feel picked on. But, if the idea that holding a Company responsible for the end use of the products is so abhorrent then you and others are damning us to an increasing cycle of gun violence.

        Should we not hold drug companies responsible for deaths and injuries from their products? And hammer deaths. Come on. 496 deaths in 2011. 13,000 murders by firearm. 70% of homicides are committed by firearm.

    2. You are correct about the Jefferson quote, although he did say in his Virginia Constitution drafts “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” (That didn’t make it into the final document.)

      I understand the trust issue, it’s called ‘projection’.

      The .223 round is an enhanced .22, and the intent is to injure. You see, an injured soldier takes more people and resources to care for them. It’s low-powered for a deer round and so not allowed for deer hunting in some states. Deer are approximately human size, so logically it follows that the round is low-powered.

      Proving that I have all my firearms twice a year mandates registration. Confiscation follows registration, as proven over and over in history.

      Stopping gun violence will not stop violence, it just takes the gun out. England confiscated their subjects’ firearms, but their violent crimes far outstrip ours. It does keep the weak from being able to protect themselves from the strong. My wife would have been raped if it had not been for her pistol. Are you in favor of rape?

      1. Don’t give me this “are you in favor of rape” crud.

        Violent crime is not up in England but if you and the NRA say it is well that proves it, right?

        Registration=Well-Regulated. So I have the actual constitution on my side of the argument.

      2. If you are in favor of disarming my wife and daughters and leaving them open to assault, you are in favor of rape. That’s how they feel.
        Since that article, the situation has gotten worse. I know a couple bobbies over there, they say the gov is now ordering them to lie so the stats look better.

        Well-Regulated militia. Look up the militia acts (1903 latest). The militia encompasses every able-bodied male between the ages of 18 and 45. Older men with military experience also qualify. It has nothing to do with firearm registration.

    3. OK Gene, I have stricken my original misquote, added another that I made sure is attributed to Mr. Jefferson and given you attribution for correcting my mistake along with a link to you.
      Thank you again for pointing it out to me.

  5. Thing about “the government” is that, by and large, it is representative of The People in all their collective wisdom(?).

    The reality is that rights are rights only insofar as The People are willing to defend them, and right now less than 1/3rd of Americans own an operational gun. There are more guns out there living in closets, inherited from long-ago ancestors, that haven’t been shot since said ancestor shuffled off this mortal coil, but the owners of those antique single-shot bolt actions or double-barrel shotguns pretty much agree with the remainder of the 2/3rds of Americans who are scared of guns, don’t like guns, and want guns banned, already.

    So here’s the deal: If the majority want guns banned, and a minority don’t want guns banned, who is going to overthrow the government at the ballot box (remember, we hold a revolution here in America every four years, we don’t need guns to have a revolution here) to get their way? And who is going to tell the government elected by that majority, that is doing what that majority wants them to do, that they can’t do it? Some old crows on the Supreme Court? Them and what army? Remember what Andrew Jackson said after Justice Marshall ruled he couldn’t remove the Cherokee to Oklahoma… “Mr. Marshall has made his ruling, now let him enforce it.” Needless to say, with the vast majority of American votors supporting President Jackson the Cherokee ended up in Oklahoma, *despite the Supreme Court ruling*. All that Justice Marshall managed to do with that ruling was hurt the power and prestige of the Supreme Court for decades, the Supreme Court had to rule against racial equality in Plessey v. Ferguson in the late 1890’s explicitly because of that lesson (the justices wrung their hands over the blatant violations of the 15th Amendment but concluded they were powerless force the government to obey the Constitution because they had no ability to stop the government from enforcing racial segregation no matter how they ruled).

    Of course, opinions change over time. So how do you change opinions? By ranting “from my cold dead hands!” while waving around items that scare the vast majority of Americans? Nuh-uhn. Just sayin’. That ain’t gonna do it. Find a way to answer the question “how can I get the majority of Americans to support my right to own an AR-15 with a big magazine” and you might actually have something. Until then, you just look like a blithering blow-hard to the vast majority of Americans, who don’t own guns, are scared of guns, and aren’t willing to support the rights of the minority who do own guns as long as said minority frankly scares the crap outta them.

    1. Until the day that the Second Amendment is legally changed or repealed it is the law of the land.
      By the way, you do know that the Second Amendment does not “give” me anything?
      It merely reminds those in government of what I already have and not to mess with it.

      1. The Constitution is a piece of paper. It has value only insofar as the majority of Americans are willing to agree it has value. Just ask the black population of America, who had their Constitutionally guaranteed rights stripped from them for an entire *century*.

        I repeat: Find a way to answer the question “how can I get the majority of Americans to support my right to own an AR-15 with a big magazine” and you might actually have something. Simply stating “I have a right to own it ’cause I say this piece of paper says I have a right to own it!” ain’t cuttin’ it. There are restrictions on other rights enumerated in the Constitution, even on freedom of speech (if you don’t believe me, carry a loudspeaker into a National Park and start repeating your post above through the loudspeaker, you’ll be arrested as quickly as a law enforcement ranger can get there), and people simply aren’t believing you when you say that the 2nd Amendment is more absolute than the 1st Amendment.

  6. Personally, I do not own an “assault rifle” and I don’t “need” to convince the American public of any such thing.
    If I wanted one I’d have had it already.
    As for the Constitution just being a “God damn piece of Paper”, as I heard it put once, it is not I who need to convince the majority of Americans to change or abolish it.
    We both know if it somehow miraculously gets abolished, all bets are off as that means no government, period.
    It is the Constitution that lays out the three branches of government.
    If someone seriously wants to change the Constitution they will find that it is a lengthy and arduous undertaking.
    More power to ’em.

    1. Thank you Busted, you have hit the nail square on the head, and I personally despise anyone who thinks of the Constitution as just a piece of paper.

      I have heard the same from individuals from all walks, of life and across the entire political spectrum. Yet none of them can see the forest through the trees when the end results are Gulags, Concentration Camps, and Killing Fields where countless millions have been slaughtered by the governments in power.

      1. So that piece of paper that I swore to uphold and honor is nothing? I went to war in support of that document !
        I have two words for anyone who calls it just a piece of paper…

        FUCK YOU ! Commie rat bastards

      2. I’m talking about reality. There is a *reason* why the Australian Constitution has no Bill of Rights in it. It’s because the Aussies looked at the reality of those of us who DO have a Constitution that has a BIll of Rights in it and our piss-poor record of upholding it, and decided that there was no point to having one, if the people weren’t going to enforce it, and if the people thought those rights were good to have they’d enforce those rights via the ballot box without the need to have anybody scribble them on paper. All scribbling them on paper did, from what they could tell, was waste ink and paper.

        But Aussies tend to have a rather realistic view of the world. Something to do with once being a penal colony, which sort of slams your nose in the nature of reality vs. theology, the reality being that the Constitution and all law in general is just a bunch of ink on paper with no power in and of itself to enforce itself, but, rather, relying on human beings who agree with it to enforce it, and, in a democracy, that has to be a *majority* of human beings to agree with it, or else it turns into a tyranny where a minority forces their views upon the majority at gunpoint.

        Look, I personally think that disregarding the Constitution is a bad idea, because the alternative to rule of law is rule of gun, and that never turns out well. But I’m not the person you need to convince. Like it or not, we *do* live in a democracy, and I despise petty tyrants forcing their views upon the majority at gunpoint even more. Saddam Hussein *deserved* to be hung and got his just desserts in the end. Just sayin’.

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