Don’t EVEN Go There.

I’m tellin’ ya, some fucking people need to be dropped off a bridge head first.
I can’t fucking believe there is already speculation going on about who the fuck is going to run for President in 2016.

Jesus fucking Christ, the litter hasn’t even been picked up from the inauguration, after we just spent the last three god damn years with perpetual campaigning and I have just seen ANOTHER fucking article speculating on who is going to run.

Listen up you ignorant fucking cocksuckers, we have had enough of that fucking bullshit!

We. Don’t. CARE!!!


We could give a rat’s ass who is thinking about running for the next election.
The motherfucker is four fucking years away!
We are perfectly aware that campaigning has turned into a permanent fucking job,we know you idiots spent over a billion fucking dollars on the last one and we want to be left the fuck alone with that bullshit.

Find something productive to do , jump off a bridge or go volunteer your time at a homeless shelter, I don’t care, just go the fuck away.


5 thoughts on “Don’t EVEN Go There.

  1. Hear, fucking hear! “Is Hillary going to run?” You know what? She’s earned some down time. Let her rest for a goddamn year or two and think about it. If she’s interested, I guarantee she’ll fucking tell us. In the meantime, shut your fucking yap. Go cover a disgraced sports star, something I know to ignore right off. YOU’RE WASTING EVERYBODy’S TIME!

  2. Ornery, you freakin’ complete me, dude. All I want is four “attack ad” years and the freedom to not give a rat’s tiny pucker about any of it.

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