OK, Now It’s Just Getting Ridiculous

I had to go down to Bi Mart to get some drain cleaner, we have a couple of sinks that are getting unacceptably slow.

While I was strolling around, I stopped by the sporting goods section.

Holy shit did they have some empty shelves.

Just for shits and grins I started looking for some .22 shells. I have been hearing about ammo shortages and wanted to see for myself.

No dice.
Not much of anything really ammo wise. I did find a box of an off size for the rifle my Grandfather bought he used to deer hunt with.
Some other dude came up and started asking about availability and the kid said they get ammo shipments on Wednesday, Friday and Monday.
Forget .223, they have no idea when some of that is going to be available.
Anything else, he said you had better be here when they unload the truck because it doesn’t even make it to the shelf anymore.

They didn’t even have .22 shorts which are getting hard to find anyway but normally just sit on the shelf because hardly anyone still has one it seems.

So I came home and started making some phone calls.
Nobody I called had any .22 shells.
.22 shells

Normally bigger outfits buy that shit by the pallet load.

pallet .22 shell

When a guy can’t find a stupid little 50 round box of .22 shells anywhere, there’s your sign.
There is officially an ammo shortage.


6 thoughts on “OK, Now It’s Just Getting Ridiculous

  1. .22 is the cheapest most common round. If that can’t be found, something is seriously wrong.

    Glad I got into the habit of keeping plenty in storage. Used to buy them by the brick on a regular basis.

  2. Something more to worry about probably. Spud you may be on to something.

    While in Illinois last May as an out of stater could not buy ammunition. Brother as a resident couldn’t either. I think it was because of the hunter safety requirement.

    1. The only reason they ask you if you live out of state around here is so you don’t have to pay the damn sales tax.
      Other than that, ya ask for what ya want, they fork it over and you keep right on shopping until you get to the register and pay for it. The way it should be.

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