Here You Thought I Had All The Fun

This guy gives me a serious run for the money.

Sounds exactly like something I would do, too.

Let me give you a teaser from The Adaptive Curmudgeon’s chronicles of The Chipmunk War,then you have to go read the whole thing because it gets downright hysterical.


Chipmunk Wars: Part III

It was a day and a half before the inside cat detected a perimeter breach. The inside cat, being useless like all cats, spent sixteen hours sleeping while it pondered this new information. Then, after another nap, it decided to go see if chipmunks were fun to play with.


Trust me, that is just a teeny, tiny little bit of a teaser to one hell of a great story.

I was laughing so damn hard I spilled my coffee.

Here is the link to his site, scroll down to Chipmunk Wars: Part Zero and work your way up the page. You will be glad you did.



For a double bonus, dig around and find his encounter with The Hawk. It’s equally hilarious.


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