The Time To Winterize Is NOW!

God help ya if you have been too damn lazy to get your antifreeze checked by now.

If you go out to get in your car and see a random pile of little metal circles on the ground under it that look like this, you are fucked.


Those are called freeze plugs and you should never see those unless you look real hard for them.

I had that happen to my cousins truck one time. I didn’t see them on the ground, got in it, started it and drove two miles to the store, came back and parked in the same spot and THEN saw them. The block was cracked, the heads were cracked and the intake manifold was cracked.

Scratch one truck.


Get your anti freeze checked today.

Also winterize your house and plumbing. It is supposed to get down and stay in the twenties around here for the next week.

Don’t spend that week figuring out how to pay for a new engine or a huge plumbing bill.


2 thoughts on “The Time To Winterize Is NOW!

  1. This is supposed to be the last night of freezing weather in Vegas for a while. Temps have gotten into the low 20s pretty much every night since Thursday. Trying to find stuff to insulate our outdoor spigots was an adventure!

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