I Knew This Was Coming

My alternate choice of a title for this post was ‘As The Frog Boils”.

The political hurricane brewing after the absolute horror of the unimaginable execution style killings of defenseless children in the Sandy Hook school is gaining speed.
The gun control debate is absolutely raging in this country and President Obama has vowed to do something about gun violence as quickly as possible this new year.

One way, or another.

It’s the “another” that I have a problem with.

There is a clear and defined process to getting laws passed in this country, always has been.
It is a long process too, for good reason.

Here are the instructions,they make no mention of the miles of red tape and arm twisting usually involved with this process.


Have a decent proposal of your own making, backed up by extensive research and make your law applicable to the greater majority, giving it wide appeal and a better chance of approval.

Get your bill introduced by having it sent to the clerk. Only a representative or senator can introduce a bill, so approach your local representative with your proposal.


Wait for the committee to review the bill. The debate could take a long time and the committee may call upon experts for informed opinions. Find experts who will support your proposal so that your bill can pass the “first reading.”

Allow the bill to be given a “second reading” and accomplish a favorable verdict by getting as many representatives on your side as possible. This may be achieved by generating public support and pressure.

Let the bill be passed around to be given a third reading, then allow it to be passed to Congress, who will then decide whether it is worth pursuing or not. If so, it will then be passed to the President.

Hope that the President votes on the bill, and if he agrees, the bill becomes a law. When the President signs the bill, the federal law will have been passed. If he vetoes it, you may still be able to get the law passed, providing the majority of the house votes in favor.

This is the impossibly brief version but you get the idea.

Now we have something called the Executive Order that George Bush abused to the point of absurdity to bypass the whole process. It’s kind of like a royal decree and completely bypasses the legislative process and Congress altogether. It has been around since the founding of the country but was rarely used until modern times.

Apparently this is going to be the preferred method to ram the hastily prepared gun control agenda down the American populations collective throat;

Obama wants Congress to reinstate a ban on military-style assault weapons, close loopholes that allow gun buyers to skirt background checks and restrict high-capacity magazines. Other recommendations to the Biden group include making gun-trafficking a felony, getting the Justice Department to prosecute people caught lying on gun background-check forms and ordering federal agencies to send data to the National Gun Background Check Database.

Some of those steps could be taken through executive action, without the approval of Congress. White House officials say Obama will not finalize any actions until receiving Biden’s recommendations.

My emphasis.

Notice the two pronged approach here.
Actually using the legislative approach coupled with Executive Orders.
One way or another in other words.
Reinstating the outright ban on “assault weapons”, which they can’t even agree on the definition of and the boiling of the frog approach of increasing regulations and restrictions.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are a shit ton of people in this country who have no business owning firearms and we have laws aplenty in place already to discourage this.

The problem I have with this approach is the failure to adequately enforce the laws already on the books due to lack of man power and this knee jerk, feel good , we gotta do something approach to a problem that they haven’t been able to get a handle on for the last fifty years that I have been alive for.

Using the Executive Order magic wand isn’t going to do a damn thing about the millions of guns and billions of rounds of ammunition out there already and they damn well know they are pissing up a waterfall trying.

This is all about imaging.
It “Looks Like” they are serious this time and By God, they are going to do something.

What they are “doing” is further eroding the Amendments to our Constitution and if you can’t see that aspect no matter what side of this issue you are on then you can’t see the forest for the trees.

They have already basically gutted so many Constitutional guarantees that I have lost count.

Frog soup is on the menu.


5 thoughts on “I Knew This Was Coming

  1. No matter what approach to gun control is adopted, it ain’t gonna do a damn thing to prevent another disaster, as you have pointed out. The only logical solution is to confine school entrances to one opening and pass everyone thru a screening process like the one used at the U.S. Capitol, federal buildings and other places where “important people” gather.Of course, this costs money and would require raising taxes to accomplish. Let’s let the tight-ass politicians make a choice between protecting children and raising taxes……

  2. Bunch of fuck ass politicians fucking with our rights. I am fucking PISSED that I can’t even find a fucking box of .22 ammo. FFFFUUUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!!! I AM GOING TO VOTE OUT EVERY DEM IN 2016!!!!!!

    1. OK Fiddlin’ Bill, I get your tongue in cheek reference. In the first place, John McCain should have been forcibly retired from public office years ago. He is right about the gun ban but treated the lady with absolute disrespect, something that is inexcusable, even for him.

      I take it you actually read this post?

      “Don’t get me wrong here, there are a shit ton of people in this country who have no business owning firearms and we have laws aplenty in place already to discourage this.”

      I stand behind what I said.

      It is readily apparent we are not going to see eye to eye on this subject but feel free to keep trying to sway my opinion. 🙂

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