The Lunatics Are In Charge

Now that the whole country can see their toes hanging over the edge of the fiscal cliff I wanted to congratulate the Tea Baggers for forming an extraordinarily powerful political faction that seems to have taken control of the Republican party and put a brick under the brake pedal on the Crazy Train.

Well done sirs.

Here I was worried about those obnoxious little Blue Dogs all this time.

All I can say to the leaders of the Republican party is, you asked for it.

For over forty years now that I can remember personally, the Republicans have always had this certain percentage of their party who were pretty much mad dogs who they would occasionally take the muzzle off and let run amok when it suited their purpose but they somehow managed to keep a tight leash on them and when their appointed task was finished, back in the cage they would go.

No more.

Now the lunatics are running the asylum.

John Boehner just got his walking papers as Speaker of the House after failing to notice that the Tea Bag Express was building up a head of steam in the background .

Even if he gets reelected to Speaker, he will be like the dog just back from the vet with that confused look on his face, licking and licking and licking but unable to find his balls anymore and wondering what the fuck happened.

So there will be no last minute deal from the Republicans, the No New Taxes idiot squad threw a wrench in the gears and now we ALL are going to take it up the ass.

I suppose they will crow that they won their little battle of idealogical macrame as there won’t be any NEW taxes.

No there won’t but there will be a Metric Assload of old ones come barreling down the pike.

Just to make it just that more fun, the IRS is standing around with their head in their asses, unable to take action and untangle the fucking mess in time for  every payroll clerk in the fucking country to figure out just how much to withhold for payroll taxes and millions of people are facing having even more payroll taxes being withheld later in the year to catch up so they won’t end up owing enough at the end of next year to buy a used car.

Yep, the Fiscal Cliff is right in front of us and the Great Financial Clusterfuck is right behind it.

The marriage penalty will be back, child tax credits will be cut in half, Capitol Gains are going up, the inheritance tax is going up, all kinds of good shit is coming back.

But Grover Norquist can be proud of himself, none of these are New Taxes and every God Damn bit of it can be laid right at the feet of the Republican party.

The Party of NO.

Would you like some lemon in your tea?


13 thoughts on “The Lunatics Are In Charge

  1. There’s going to be a lot of angry people when their income suddenly shrinks. I bet at least half of them won’t know why.

    I’m glad i’m already in a position where I don’t pay income tax, but most people, expecially working people, are SOL.

  2. So, the bipartisan fiscal cliff is all the Republican’s fault? Silly me, forgetting that Republicans are evil and Democrats pure at heart.

    Boner is still stupid enough to go for the more taxes now for spending cuts never deal always offered by Democrats, but his rank and file are fed up with it. There was in fact a deal agreed to, but President Obama wanted more, and has no problem lying to the nation about it.

  3. The fucking tea party lads will finally get the recogition they have so desperately sought, i.e., upholders of our fiscal integrity. Never mind that they have managed to destroy the economy of the U.S. for the rest of us. These assholes set this up in 2011 with their fancy work on the extension of the debt ceiling so the MSM needs to make sure our citizens are made aware of it and not allowed to lie their way out of it. This so-called crisis was created deliberatly be the House republicans, period………

  4. Guess what? If the Dems would agree to some spending cuts instead of their idiotic idea that we can balance the budget on the backs of those making over $200K a year perhaps we could get something done. The cuts have to happen!! You could take all their money and it doesn’t even put a dent in this spending run away. If this is the only way to cut spending then so be it.

  5. So. While thwarting tax increases on Millionaires …. Republicans will be responsible for the biggest tax hike on Americans in history. Smart Bunch, that. Bring on the fiscal cliff … and the demise of The Party Of Hoover.

  6. I cannot understand how you guys do not get it. Increased taxes on “millionaires” will not fix our problems. There needs to be spending cuts as well. Furthermore, you say millionaires but you want to tax people making a quarter of that. Put the number at about $400K as proposed and you might get a lot more people to agree. Any solution needs to cut spending or it is no solution at all. Do the math and get a clue.

    1. The Math has been done. The Votes have been counted. The only ones who haven’t a clue are the TRAITOR legislators who believe keeping a pledge to a Lobbyist scoundrel is more important than the Oath Of Office they took after being elected. Americans want a balanced approach to the Republican led debt crisis which includes tax increases on couples making over $250K. Spending cuts are part of that balanced approach and we should begin with Defense spending. TWO unfunded, never ending wars (and the graft/corruption stream that flows from the money spill) are the biggest reason for the debt we have today. I suspect you make OVER $250K and just UNDER $400K … am I right?BTW … tax rates are at their lowest since St. Ronnie was lucid, but our responsibilities are much more costly. Change the channel from Faux Snooze occasionally, keep reading this Ornery Bastard’s blog and maybe someday you’ll understand why YOU don’t understand.

  7. The problem with their idea of cutting spending is that they won’t touch the Pentagon, which is far and away the biggest expenditure this country makes, period.
    They won’t touch the fucking TSA either, at 45 BILLION dollars a year.Tell me with a straight face we need to spend forty five billion dollars a year on a travel safety department.

    No, they want to gut the safety net and hammer the middle class constantly.
    They refuse to spend a fucking dime on infrastructure, which would put people to work but they loves them some Big Oil subsidies.

    I’m all for cutting back on spending. Bring on some realistic targets.

    They keep hammering on Social Security which is paid for out of the payroll tax and has nothing to do with the Federal deficit and in fact would be a trillion dollars in the black if the greedy fuckers would keep their hands off of it.
    There are plenty of programs that we don’t need except some pig fucker somewhere is making a killing off of it who happens to be a big donor.
    But no, these are the sacred cows that will never even be heard about but fucking Medicare , unemployment, SNAP, Social Security or any other program that doesn’t generate a donor income stream has to go.

    When they want to get serious about cutting spending there is no end of legitimate places to trim the budget.

    In the mean time I will just sit here quietly and wait for that to happen.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly! Too bad none of the Dems in Washington agree. All they talk about is taxing the so called rich. Bump the number to $400K and tax ’em!! Cut the military budget, cut corporate subsidies, get people off of welfare, cut the unending unempoyment benefits(should not go on forever), cut TSA and all the other frivolous crap. Why do the dems only talk about this tax, tax, tax BS. Let’s get busy talking cuts too.

  9. You have to change your title because only Chief Lunatic Louis Gohmert voted to keep the word “Lunatic” in Congressional verbiage. Every else in Congress realizes Republican serves the same purpose as that archaic word.

  10. Sigh. Fact: the Fiscal Cliff legislation was bipartisan. Without Democrat support it would not have gotten through the Senate, or been signed by President Obama. Republican (House), Democrat (Senate) and Democrat (President). One-third of the action equals 100% of the blame? Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

    Fact: Military spending (20% of the budget) takes half of the Fiscal Cliff cuts, the rest (80% of the budget) takes the other half. This actually doesn’t bother me: I’m former military, but would really rather we stopped being the world’s policeman. I have too many friends maimed or gone already. As far as defense lobbyists go, eff them.

    The Fiscal Cliff legislation also mandates tax increases. The Republicans would rather not see those, but have finally figured out that Democrats will never cut spending, no matter what they say. They also are realizing that the media will put any and all blame on them, no matter what.

    Right now, that Fiscal Cliff is the best deal for Republicans. Obama has proven that he won’t keep his word, so making a deal is… difficult. When Boner (correct spelling) asks what he gets for his $800 billion tax increase and Obama says he gets that for free, the word ‘compromise’ doesn’t fit, somehow.

    The best chance for averting this Fiscal Cliff is for the Dems to split off enough Repubs to pass their version of MOAR TAX NOW, minor reduction in spending increase later maybe. That could definitely happen, Republicans aren’t known as the Party of Stupid for nothing.

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