Tis The Season

I’m sitting here listening to my sister in law bitch like me because it took her so long to get out of the parking lot at the mall, Clackamas Town Center.
Yes, THAT Clackamas Town Center

You couldn’t pay me fifty bucks an hour to get within five miles of that motherfucker.
Not because I am afraid of another shoot ’em up, because that place is absolutely insane this time of year.
One time years ago, I had to deliver a customers car near that area at Christmas time and it took me TWO HOURS just to go AROUND that fucking mall because of all the traffic.
To willingly drive there and go shopping is the act of a true masochist.
Grumpy Christmas cat

Image shamelessly liberated from The Feral Irishman.


2 thoughts on “Tis The Season

  1. We opted outta all that shit. Mrs. G’s family decided years ago to only give gifts to the kids and there are only three of them these days. Plus, our travel plans got snowed out so I don’t have to go visit her family fulla right-wing nutters. I like them but I can skip a year. Thank you, baby Jesus! 🙂


  2. Our holiday is earlier…the 21st: so we get all that stuff out of the way early. Oddly, none of the shopping vortices we passed while taking the husband to the airport to spend a week in Kentucky with our youngest boy seemed busy, tho’ many of the big anchor stores WERE open at that obscenely early hour!

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