Quit Paying Attention To Him And He Will Go Away

Here is a news flash for all the people I have seen or read today going on and on about whatever bullshit Newt Fucking Gingrich has to say.

Whatever Newt Gingrich thinks, says or does , is irrelevant.

Just quit paying attention to the motherfucker, OK?
I could personally give a rats ass what that fucking asshole thinks.

He holds no political office, he sure as FUCK is no paragon of personal integrity and I wouldn’t trust that sonofabitch with a day old tuna fish sandwich.
Just ignore his fucking ass.

I was perfectly happy for many years that the image of his bloated carcass never crossed my mind and I would be more than happy to return to that blissful state.

I believe it is called shunning and he is one motherfucker that could use a heap of that.

Thank you.


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