Thanks Fer Stopping By

I have been screaming into the void for almost seven years now and hit a milestone this morning.

I finally got to 0.5.

0.5 as you know, equals 1/2.

in this case,0.5 is 1/2 a million page views between my original Blogspot Blog and this WordPress Blog combined.

It’s pretty humbling to think a half a million pairs of eyes have at least glanced at what I have had to say over the years and I have to tell you there have been many times I have thought about saying Fuck It and throwing in the towel..

Especially here lately.

Blogger burnout has been hammering me something fierce, it’s like my Give A Fuck has a bent wheel or something.

It just may come to the point I quit blogging all together, we shall see.

In the mean time, I would very much like to thank you who do stop by still and especially my fellow Bloggers who have linked to my diatribes in the past,you guys are the best.

I am pretty sure my high points were when outfits like Crooks and Liars have blown up my sitemeter but the one that stands out was a teeny, tiny little two word hyperlink I caught at the bottom of an article years ago that linked to me from The Wall Street Journal.

It said,”Ornery Bastard” and my heart swelled.

I would also personally like to thank Jill over at Brilliant At Breakfast who is hands down the one who has linked to me the most times.
You are a sweetie.

I actually caught my Sitemeter at the magic number of 500,00 this morning but while I was fiddle fucking around trying to catch a screen grab someone else snuck in the back door but I caught it and here it is.
(It looks like ya gotta click it once, wait for a new screen and then click it again to make it big.)

Thanks again and I will be deciding just what the fuck it is I want to do here later but as for now I am not going anywhere so stop by again when ya get a chance.


9 thoughts on “Thanks Fer Stopping By

  1. That’s great, BK. I’m not a commenter, but am a frequent visitor. I hope to continue to have the opportunity for a long time to come.

  2. That’s a cool milestone! I sure hope you continue letting us all know that we are truly fucked. I’ve had very little time for reading blogs lately and even less for writing them. However yours is one I try to keep up with.

  3. Please don’t stop; your comments are important to so many people. I was personally disappointed, however, when you didn’t post the picture of your new wife’s ass. Sharing is important, after all.

  4. Dear OB,

    Puhlease do not pack it in. Yes, we are all fucked, fed up and frustrated with the state of the world, but no one says it better than you. With brutal honesty and much appreciated/needed humour. If need be, take a well-deserved break, but please don’t shut OB down.

    Best wishes to you and the love of your life for a very happy holiday season.

    Burnaby, BC

  5. I know what ou mean about blogger burnout, I’ve had it too. Here’s how I dealt with, and continue to deal with it:

    1) I’ve accepted that I’m never going to be a big name blogger with a lot of traffic no matter how much I write. I have my readers and they have been remarkably loyal.

    2) I accept that no one is ever, ever going to pay me for blogging and that I am going to be working until they take me out of where I work in a box, or until they give me a box and tell me to leave because I am just too fucking old.

    3) If I don’t have anything significant to add to the discussion, I don’t write just because I feel I have to.

    I’ve found that by doing this, I write better, I feel less pressured, and I’ve been able to catch up on “Homeland.” 😉

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