It’s A Start

The less I hear or see of Karl Rove the happier I am.
I don’t watch Fox News but invariably whenever the fat little bastard gets on there and flaps his gums it winds up on Crooks and Liars or HuffPost or something.
Now I can heave a sigh of relief because even those professional misinformers at Faux News have told the prick to take a hike.


Apparently the head scumbag himself, Roger Fucking Ailes, told them they have to ask permission before KKKarl can get back on the show!
Double plus awesome bonus,perpetual wrongness guy, Dick Morris is out too!


From Huffpo,

New York Magazine reports that President Roger Ailes is limiting Rove and fellow contributor Dick Morris’ presences for the time being. A Fox News representative affirmed the situation to NYMag, adding that programming chief Bill Shine conveyed “the election’s over.”

Rove turned heads with an Election-night meltdown on Fox News, where he questioned the network’s “premature” decision to call Ohio and, subsequently, the race for President Barack Obama. Fox News Executive Vice President of News Editorial Michael Clemente told the Associated Press the morning after that Rove’s argument proved his value.

The following day, Rove appeared on Fox News, charging that Obama’s victory was a product of the president’s ability to suppress the vote. A week later, Ailes admitted in an interview with TVNewser that he had a “what the?” reaction to Rove’s Election-night antics.

“Rove was wrong,” Ailes said. “He backed down. Our guys were right.”

Morris drew similar attention for his prediction that GOP candidate Mitt Romney was headed to a landslide victory. New York Magazine’s report notes that Shine is requiring producers to ask for approval before lining up any Rove or Morris appearances.

I love that quote, ‘Rove was wrong”,I could hear that all fucking day.

I’m sure it would be too much to ask to see that rotten motherfucker become actually unemployed, that prick knows way too many secrets but damn it sure is nice to see him get treated shabbily by the very bunch who used to hang on his every word.


Lo, how the mighty have fallen, let us pray for broken glass and jagged rocks at the bottom.


3 thoughts on “It’s A Start

  1. Heh, Romney lost, despite what he has been telling you.

    Did you see where Anonymous claims to have blocked his attempts to rig the vote in Ohio?
    That would go a long ways to explaining that deer in the headlights look he had on election night when he kept trying to counter that Roney had won it.

    If that is true they deserve a hearty thank you.

  2. They certainly acted like the fix was in in Ohio.

    So nice to see them turn on each other.

    Rove always creeped me out. Is is the smell of brimstone whenever he’s on TV?

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