Go Ahead And Jump, You Fuckers

Ayep, getting pretty fucking tired of these goddamn drama queens and this bullshit fiscal cliff crap.
They must think we all have the memory capabilities of a gnat.

Remember how all this bullshit started?
Because of the constant obstruction of the Republicans and their refusal to negotiate on the budget, TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO!

And just as predictable as an 85 year old Granny with a full card, one of these not so bright politicians jumps up and yells BINGO and lo, the fucking Bi Partisan Super Committee was born so they could kick the fucking can down the road yet again.

The word committee should be officially abolished and Clusterfuck used instead because that’s what a fucking committee turns into, every time.

So this superduper committee had SIX FUCKING MONTHS to come up with a variety of ways to cut various programs and come up with enough ways to trim the budget to make these spoiled fucking crybaby Republicans happy OR!!, Bad Things would happen. Insert ominous music here.

Enter this bullshit fiscal cliff.

They did this to themselves and I want you to remember that every damn time one of these screaming ninnies starts wetting their pants on the Tee Vee about it.

When they commissioned that Super Committee, the stipulation THEY IMPOSED was that if no solution was reached that there would be across the board budget cuts to give them some incentive and Bush’s fucking tax cuts would expire and Oh My God, we can’t have that so do something!
Well, as sure as a fart stinks, here we are.

Two fucking years later and the Republicans are STILL fucking the dog and having hissy fits about raising taxes.
As usual, they want to slash and burn any and all programs that even remotely help the poor,the elderly,the disabled or anyone who isn’t currently writing huge checks to the RNC.

Well fuck you right back.
Go ahead and jump off that cliff you stupid motherfuckers and then reap what you have sewn bitches.
I am sick and tired of these cocksuckers stomping their feet and running away from their responsibilities.

They had no problem running up the deficits when Stupie McFuckwit was in charge but now all of a sudden things need to be reigned in and they put on their serious faces.

So, if you want to get serious about spending,start and stop with the Defense budget.
That, right there, is the fucking problem.

What we spend there absolutely dwarfs everything else COMBINED.

All this fucking drama is a smokescreen and I can see right through it a mile away.
So go ahead and jump you gutless fucking wimps, I double dog dare ya.


2 thoughts on “Go Ahead And Jump, You Fuckers

  1. Over the cliff we go! Sounds like fun!

    Actually, some of the “compromises” on the table would be worse for me than the cuts under the fiscal cliff. I’ve got less to lose that way.

  2. Double dog dare ya indeed! Jump, motherfuckers. I think Obama oughta propose 90% tax on the rich bastards like it was under Eisenhower. They’d take that paltry Clinton-era 39% so fucking fast it’d make your head spin. We could stand to spend less on defense as well. The poor aggrieved defense contractors, aka “war profiteers”, could make something more useful like trains or windmills.


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