California To Offer Voluntary Taxation In April

I had to laugh out loud when I got the email from the LA Times informing me that the very next day after a half billion dollar Powerball game finally got won by two people in different states that California decided maybe they wanted a piece of the action.

What a surprise.

The commission believes adding the Powerball game, which has a starting jackpot of $40 million, could net the state between $90 million and $120 million annually in lottery revenue, according to a memo sent by Lottery Commissioner Robert O’Neill to other commission members.

“We have to continually offer our loyal players a variety of entertaining lottery games, and we firmly believe that Powerball is a right fit for the California Lottery,” Lottery Director Robert T. O’Neill said in a statement. Customers were “pretty clear” that they wanted it, he added.

I heard on the radio about some woman from Oakland had called the Portland airport and asked where the nearest lottery dealer was close to the airport so she could fly from Oakland California to Portland Oregon just to get some fucking Powerball tickets.

Hey, I’ll admit I bought three myself.
The odds are astronomical but you can’t win if ya don’t play and someone was going to win the sonofabitch.

So have at it you crazy Left Coasters.
Who knows, maybe you could be the next job creator?
More likely is that you could have had a hot dog instead but what the hell.


One thought on “California To Offer Voluntary Taxation In April

  1. Lesse, split $540 mil for two winners.

    $270 mil.

    50% taxes, leaves about $135 mil for us to deal with.

    We could spend $150K annual on food, healthcare, travel and toys and such, after buying a place for cash (a small place, room for a decent one block garden but not one that would require a lot of work on our part).

    Figure, we got about 20 good years left in us, if that much.

    Guess that burns up about $3 mil, say $5 mil for some Euro Style Vacay Months On End.

    We’re gonna hafta spend a lot more I think, if we ever win that much.

    N still have enough to give 100 people we love $1mil each.

    N still have some $30mil to give to worth while causes.

    I’m tellin ya, I’d have to hire a lawyer, and finan advisor, but I think I get this done if I ever get a chance to go for it.

    Yes, yer on my list. 😉


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