Some People Still Do Not Understand How The Internet Works Now

Four incompetent Al Queda wannabe’s just found out the hard way that you don’t post your violent anti America rhetoric and your plans to travel to Afghanistan to join the Taliban on fucking Facebook.

Who by now does not know that the police state pays people to troll Facebook for a living in this day and age?

(CNN) — Jihadist social media postings helped lead to the arrest and charging of four Los Angeles area men, who were allegedly on their way to Afghanistan to train with the Taliban and join al Qaeda, federal officials said.

They were also plotting to kill American soldiers and bomb government installations, according to a joint statement Monday by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles.

One of the men, a U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan, encouraged two of the others to embrace violent Islamic doctrine by introducing them online to radical teachings, including those of deceased U.S.-born al-Qaeda imam Anwar al-Awlaki.

The three exposed their connection to each other and their radical leanings explicitly on Facebook for over a year. And one of them detailed his intentions to participate in jihad in an online chat with an FBI employee.


Kabir, Santana and Deleon all posted radical jihad content to their Facebook page, the court documents allege. But Kabir’s page in particular contained multiple links to and videos by al-Awlaki, videos depicting mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan, improvised explosive devices and suicide bombings.

“Deleon and Santana ‘liked’ postings on Kabir’s Facebook page as early as May 2011,” according to the court document.

Be sure to “like” this story and send it to all your Jihadist friends and neighbors.

Fucking MORONS!


The dumbasses should have been allowed to go just for the comedy of following their exploits, I’m sure they would update their status regularly.


4 thoughts on “Some People Still Do Not Understand How The Internet Works Now

  1. My jaw dropped when I first read about this, it is just so ball-bustingly dumb. Hey….their fundy nutjobs and our Rethuglicans, all similarly challenged by technological ideas….not to mention ideaLs.

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