What’s This? We Has A Mystery!

We here in Blogtopia, (Y!SCTP), can be a bit clannish I have noticed over the years.

It’s like we all end up finding our own level and we make friends with people who have the same thoughts and feelings we do to some extent and Blogging mirrors real life in that friends seem to come and go.

There have been a lot of great bloggers who just throw in the towel for their own personal reasons that we are often not privy to, much to our chagrin.
One such example was a hell of a nice guy that went by the name Monkeyfister. A Monkeyfist is an extremely difficult knot to tie often used in the maritime area.

Monkeyfister has an extremely helpful blog for people looking for gardening and preserving information, his sidebar is chock full of informative links and he is/was very passionate about his gardening and other things too many to list here except one noteable exception,like recognizing up and coming bloggers with his very own special award called the Golden Monkeyfist award, of which this humble blogger was a recipient of back in 2008.

All at once in March of this year, Monkeyfister just stopped posting.
There one day and gone the next.

Occasionally I would stop by just to see if he had come back and eventually left a comment on his last post thanking him for being such a stand up guy.
That is when I got a notice that the comment platform he was using was going to expire on October 1st and all the comments would just disappear.

I have no idea if he ever saw it or not.

Now for the mystery part of this post.

Once again I dropped by tonight, just to check and I see a new post up from October 19th.

Not so fast.
There are still no comments and the author of the post is labeled “Someone Else”.

I’m wondering who this could be and where Monkeyfister is.

There is no contact info that I can see so I am going to ask everyone to swing by and check out his blog and for heavens sake, check out his sidebar, it is jammed with awesome links.

I am hoping whoever “Someone Else” is will notice an uptick in the visitor stats and be encouraged to start posting on a regular basis so I can find out what happened with my buddy Monkeyfister.

So get to clickin‘ and let’s see what we can do.


4 thoughts on “What’s This? We Has A Mystery!

  1. His posts after the explosion at BP’s Deep Water Horizon were the timeliest, most comprehensive on the web, and I still want some seeds from that new variety of Tomato he crossbred, too. Like you, ‘Nucks I still go by there regularly ….

  2. Well, that’s the problem with us virtual folks, isn’t it? We can just disappear without a trace and no one will ever know. That’s why I try to keep the half-dozen or so people who read my blog informed when I am on a Project That Eats My Life.

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