Peter King (R) (NY), Says Republicans Have A “Mandate” To Protect Rich People

According to this fucking puke and Peter King IS a fucking puke, because the Republicans retained the House of Representatives, that gives them some kind of fucking mandate to protect the tax rates from any raise whatsoever.

This with the phony fiscal fucking cliff looming,oh so near.

He says they might be willing to discuss closing some “deductions”,ie.loopholes, to help raise revenue, including some for (gasp!) the people in the upper brackets.

The man is a giver at heart, can’t you tell?

“As far as Congress, Republicans feel strongly that tax rates should not be increased,” King told CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday. “Having said that, I think John Boehner — Speaker Boehner has shown his willingness to work out an agreement here. That can be done by effecting deductions, loopholes — which would include those in the upper brackets — so that the president could get the revenue that he says that he’s looking for, but it will be done in a way that tax rates are not increased.”

He added: “So it can be said that while President Obama won — and he did win — the fact is in the Congress, the American people have returned a Republican House of Representatives. So we also have if you want to call it a mandate.”

“Having said that, I think if there’s any mandate, it’s to try to reach compromise and try to reach common ground, and I think Speaker Boehner has put enough on the table that a real compromise can be reached.”

It just KILLS THESE PEOPLE INSIDE to say out loud that maybe, just maybe, the super rich in this country who have had unprecedented financial gains in the last ten years, may need to cough up just a teency wheency bit of those gains to keep this fucking country afloat so they can continue to get those deliveries of wheel barrows full of money.

Basically what the weasel motherfucker is admitting is that the fucking game has been rigged the whole fucking time with these fucking loopholes and special deductions and maybe these rich fuckers aren’t going to wind up under a fucking bridge anytime soon if we just patch those massive leaks in the hoses full of money flowing through our financial system and maybe there might be a little bit more at the end to help out.

What a fucking concept.

God damn, these people are so motherfucking transparent it’s like looking through an empty bottle.
They know damn good and well they are staring at the pointy end of the stick here and are doing their damndest to look all cooperative and shit before this fiscal cliff bullshit starts getting serious and the fur starts flying.
They know that if they try to pull their shit of holding the economy hostage like they did last year that there will be hell to pay this time.
We the people are in no mood to fuck around with this shit anymore and they fucking know it .

That’s why they just got their asses handed to them in this election, because we are tired of watching Republicans play fuckity fuck childrens games with important legislation that has serious ramifications concerning the well being of our damn country!

Jesus Christ that shit is infuriating.

So now Peter King is signaling that they just might be willing to work some kind of deal here after all.

I have news for your sorry ass bucko, you assholes decide to take your ball and go home this time , there will be extremely serious consequences.
Stay the fuck away from Social Security and Medicare like they are radioactive and start coming to your senses.

We all damn well know there is no trickle down, the so called job creators have been sitting on BILLIONS of dollars for years now that they could be investing and we all know THEY DON”T NEED THE FUCKING MONEY from these damn tax breaks so quit acting like we are all fucking stupid.

Ya got that, dickhead?

>H/T Raw Story.


7 thoughts on “Peter King (R) (NY), Says Republicans Have A “Mandate” To Protect Rich People

  1. Before the election most of the Republicans “In The Loop” thought Romney would win by a “landslide of 320 + electoral votes” and liberals would hear the mandate! Now that the election is over and the final tally taken, they say Obama eked out a close win 332 – 206 and nothing has changed. Still a lot of angry old white guys out there, huh? What pisses me off the most is that those fuckers will let the nation go to RUIN to keep from relenting their imagined “power”. Some of us angry old white guys saw the light back in the sixties …. most of us didn’t, I reckon …..

  2. I hope you get all that you are wishing for. You will deserve every iota. I find your rants to be even more disturbing by the day. Maybe you should be keeping CLOSER TABS on those that you love so much and that you voted into power. You seem to think they have a free pass.
    I won’t say anymore as you will probably chew nails and call me some outlandish name.

  3. Of Peter “The 2nd Dumbest King In Congress” King let it be said that if the monies raised by increased taxes went to support the IRA he would be in favor of a return to Eisenhower’s 90% rate.

  4. Jeebus. We just voted out Teabagger Nan Hayworth in my 18th district here in NY. (And voted in a Progressive of all things!) How the hell did that guy sneak under the fence? Maybe next cycle his district will have learned something and do what we did here.

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