A Couple Of Quick Tips For Sandy Survivors

Make sure your water is safe!

Use household bleach to purify your drinking and cooking water. After severe flooding, all water should be suspect because of sewage treatment facilities over flowing.

 Bleach effectively kills bacteria and viruses, stops smells and then breaks down. It’s effective germ killing alkaline property is completely neutralized very quickly. It does not stay chemically active in tanks for more than a few days. Most germs require sunlight to grow. Store water in the dark.

1 Gallon water is disinfected by 8-16 drops of regular household bleach (visually about 1/4 of a teaspoon) – double that for cloudy water. Shake and let stand 30 minutes. One teaspoon will disinfect 5 gallons. Immediately after treating, water must initially have a slight smell of chlorine. If it does not – repeat the process.

You can make a small oil lamp from a tuna can,and some string for a wick.

COOKING OIL works great for this. Make sure you take all precautions to avoid a fire!

For an emergency toilet, put a trash bag in a five gallon bucket and tough it out. Make sure to tightly tie it closed after a few uses and store out of the way until it can be disposed of properly.

Good luck to you folks in the disaster area.


3 thoughts on “A Couple Of Quick Tips For Sandy Survivors

  1. Yeah, water with no grid on is a definite pain, especially in an area with the population of the NYC area. That is a high priority.

    Lighting in off grid situation long term – LED flashlights for long life. But for no grid long term situation, glow sticks, especially those re-usable models sold at UV Paqlite. Recharge by any light source and they glow for hours. No, they don’t cast a beam, they just glow, but in complete darkness, they are welcome indeed. No fire hazard and won’t cause a spark in natural gas areas, even glow under water if that is required, lol.

  2. Thanks for that advice Busted, I am in Southern Ocean County, NJ. I was evacuated on Monday night, got the hell out of dodge. I was packed and ready to go. Others did not heed the warning and suffered horrific consequences.I had stocked up on water and supplies all summer long, after what happened with Hurricane Irene.
    I don’t know what a war zone looks like, but this has to be close. Adding insult to injury, looters. Some people who did evacuate, had their homes looted, fortunately I wasn’t one of them. Natural gas fires are still burning out of control, power out and people who didn’t fill their cars are stranded or being gouged by the gas stations that are able to operate. It is a really desperate situation for so many people.

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